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Posted in dog, Utter nonsense by cheesebot on 2015/06/22

Oh, another thing I noticed in rereading this blog: all the run-ins with Casby’s dumbass poodle (this, for example).  I have had plenty of my own incidents with this stupid dog and many times got to witness Casby’s minivan version of walking the dog (driving alongside it as it tears down the street).

Longtime readers of this blog may be happy (or sorry) to hear that last month Casby has sold his house and moved away with his giant poodle.  So there will be no more internal combustion fueled doggie exercises nor random canine sneak attacks from that section of the street for the time being.  Best of luck to his new hood…

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Stop the Presses! Elmwood Ave is now one lane in each direction!

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2011/07/20

Ok, how insane is this?!

I rode home on the little bit of Elmwood Ave that I need to ride yesterday. Everything was fine. Two lanes in one direction, two lanes in the other direction. All’s well in chaos at 5:30 pm.

This morning I take my right onto Elmwood Avenue and WHOA! There are new road stripings marking one lane, a center turning lane, and another lane for cars coming in the opposite direction. When did this happen? The DOT guys came on little cat feet in the middle of the night and did some half-assed re-striping. They’re not done yet and cars were going all over the place, trying to pass in the left lane which was now a turning lane. I cannot believe that I didn’t see a head-on collision in the brief amount of time I ride this stretch of road.

Seriously? DOT makes a MAJOR change to a VERY BUSY, highly travelled, MAJOR roadway in Providence and there’s ABSOLUTELY NO WARNING?! No signs over the last weeks shouting “New traffic pattern coming!”, no cops, no nothing.

What’s especially frustrating is I was at the meeting a year and a half ago when I asked one of the RIDOT higher ups about the possibility of narrowing Elmwood Avenue down to one lane in each direction to accommodate bicycle traffic, along the lines of what they did to Blackstone Boulevard. This guy looked me in the eye and said, “No.” Lying bullshit. This is the same guy who no longer works for RIDOT and has a cushy job messing up the DOT in Hawaii.

It’s not that I’m that upset that Elmwood is only one lane in each direction, although it will be a pain (see how slowly the traffic crawls along Broad Street). It’s that there was no freaking warning AND the striping wasn’t finished so everyone was, and is, confused. Absolutely unbelievable. I’ll be taking my “old” commute route for the next few days until Elmwood is done being restriped and drivers get comfortable with the new pattern.

Really. Unbelievable. I’ll take pics tomorrow. It’s completely insane. I’m waiting for the head-on collision news.