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Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft

Posted in Cats, Utter nonsense by cheesebot on 2015/06/17

Recently I started reading through this blog back from the beginning (chronologically) and it’s been very interesting to watch Siobhan’s (and my own, to a degree) evolution from the beginning of this in March 2009.  It’s great that I have this record of events to remind me of some of the tiniest stories and her recollections.

A post from right before Thanksgiving 2010 hit me hard though.  I’ll just link it here: Tomorrow is Today

Go read it and come back if you like.

I remember clearly when this was happening and how maudlin Siobhan had become.  And I’m really glad I found this because she’s the person whom I’d most want to talk with about what’s happened and what I should do.  So there it is right there; instructions of a sort that weren’t intended for me but end up freakishly appropriate.  I have been sort of doing what she says anyway.  I’ve been working on the house because I want to be more comfortable and free up some space (this Winter was particularly harsh) but I’ve also been going out and trying new things and places in this fabulous city.  I’ve been making new friends and spending time with old ones.  I’m doing my best to balance being responsible with fucking off for the day, but isn’t that what most of us do?

Oh, and I also continue with this blog partly to let her mom know what’s going on.

I promise I’ll get back to writing about commuting soon.

On a lighter note, here’s one of my favorite posts from the past: What Would Jesus Do?

And I’ll end this with a pic of O’Malley, for Siobhan

O'Malley the Pimp Daddy

O’Malley the Pimp Daddy


Sad news for scootcommute

Posted in Campus, Cats by cheesebot on 2014/11/29

This is cheesebot posting, I haven’t made a post on scootcommute in a very long time because sbahn took over and made it her own and has done a wonderful job.  I am the “boyfriend” that you see mentioned in many posts for the last fifteen years.  I’m sorry to announce that sbahn will not be posting any more.

The day before Thanksgiving Siobhan (her real name) was killed in an automobile accident in Foster, RI.  Icy road conditions caused her to lose control and collide with another car coming from the opposite direction.  Anyone who reads this blog knows that she almost never drove a car so the absurdity of it all is mind-blowing.

If you’re local to Providence, RI feel free to come to the memorial service at Providence College:

The Memorial Mass will be Friday, December 5th 11:35am at:

St. Dominic’s Chapel

Providence College

Providence, RI 02918

The reception, afterwards (around 12:30pm) is at:

The Center for Catholic and Dominican Studies (opposite the chapel)

Providence College

Providence, RI 02918

The address for the college is: 1 Cunningham Square, Providence, RI 02918

Please ride if you can – there will definitely be other riders there.

In lieu of flowers we’re requesting that you instead make a memorial donation in her name (Siobhan Ross) to the Providence Animal Rescue League (PARL)

We’ve always had a brood of cats from shelters or straight off the street and PARL was on our yearly charity tax-dodge list. Thank you.

Feel free to post any comments with stories or opinions, I like hearing about what she meant to people.

International Female Ride Day 2012

I would like to ask if you readers of scootcommute would like me to attempt to continue the blog on my own.  I will not have the same voice she does and I could never replace her but I experience the same frustrations and idiot Murano drivers and can still write about dumb cats and various flavors of alcohol.  Let me know.

Strongbow Stockpile, and really Dutch? You’re cold?

Posted in Alcohol, Cats, Utter nonsense by sbahn on 2014/04/10

I should be good for a couple of weeks :)

Six cases of

Six cases of “original”, now discontinued Strongbow

The boyfriend snapped this pic of my big cat, Dutch, snoozing beneath the down comforter on my bed. Seriously, the house is kept at 55F and it was probably warmer than that today as the sun was out. What a freakin’ life.

Dutch sleeping beneath the down comforter

Dutch sleeping beneath the down comforter

Went to the gym again and did 45 minutes on the ARC machine, listening to some dub step until I needed to step up the tempo, at which time I switched to Swedish House Mafia. I’m really hoping all this sweating will make a difference to my riding, ‘cos there sure ain’t nothing to look at in the gym.

Goodbye Bandwidth

Posted in Cats by sbahn on 2014/01/17
Bandwidth doing her favorite thing, rolling around on something soft

Bandwidth doing her favorite thing, rolling around on something soft

Our first joint cat, we adopted Bandwidth on April 7, 2001 from the Little Shelter on Long Island, New York a year after the death of my other grey cat, Gris-Gris.

I'm scared fo strangers; is it ok to come downstairs?

I’m scared of strangers; is it ok to come downstairs?

Little Bandwidth peeps no more, buried with her sisters and brother in Providence, Rhode Island on January 17, 2014.

I love fleece blankets!

I love fleece blankets!

La gata gris esta en la portal. Rollie, you no longer know any of our cats, and that makes me sad.

I sniff squirrel butt

I sniff squirrel butt

Turn up the heat, woman, it's freezing in here!

Turn up the heat, woman, it’s freezing in here!

Dutch is sick

Posted in Cats by sbahn on 2012/12/23
Dutch on the bed with Bandwidth (grey) and Domino (in Strongbow box)

Dutch on the bed with Bandwidth (grey) and Domino (in Strongbow box)

I don’t usually wish away time, but 2012 has been the second suckiest year of my life, so just go away already.

Dutch in hospital. Please get better.

Dutch having a snooze

Dutch having a snooze

Santa’s Presents: New Cats!

Posted in Cats by sbahn on 2012/01/01

Thank you, Santa, thank you!

As some of you may know, both me and the b/f have lost three cats in the last two years.

  • Legs Akimbo, aged 20, passed in my lap, my beloved New Yorker (ASPCA) to the end, clad always in black
  • Josiah OMalley, aged unknown (from the street, stricken with cancer, beloved to the end, sadly, sadly missed)
  • Skoda 1200, aged around 16, skinny as all get out, loved to the end

Santa brought two new cats to join Bandwidth (Little Shelter, Long Island, New York) and Friar Domino (from the street). They are Dutch and “the little girl” (until we figure out a name). They were at Providence Animal Control where I learned they had lived together until their owner passed. They were obviously beloved by their previous owner as they are just delightful as pets. They’ve been here since Wednesday evening, December 28.

[In typical fashion, we went to Animal Control on the Friday before Christmas, December 23, to have a look around. The door was open but the lights were off and no one was at the “greet” desk. We helped ourselves into the cat room after signing in as visitors, where I fell in love with “Garfield”. There was a calico who was a “judger”, just like Bandwith. Little did I realize that “Garfield” and “Lily” were friends. Well, we went back on December 28 and told the front desk person that we wanted the two cats. She asked how we knew about them and said we were here on 12/23. Whelp, apparently, the pound was not open on 12/23. So, in a nutshell, I should have just taken them when I saw them and not worried about them all Christmas, alone, in the nasty shelter. Next time, lock the door.]

They’ve been feeling their way into our family, and both Bandwidth and Domino have been more than accommodating. I’m actually shocked at how well Bandwidth is coping; it’s Domino I’m a bit concerned about.

On the evening of December 30, the new boy (Dutch) licked the new girl, who are probably brother and sister, assuring her that she is safe. I will say the girl just loves to sit on laps. The boy, Dutch, well, he loves the shower. I think he will help me through my grief over OMalley. I’m still so sad at his passing as we only had him a few short years until cancer took him away. What a personality! But Dutch, he’s proving to be a real presence.

Dutch, my beautiful boy, sitting on the Dromminge

Dutch, my beautiful boy, sitting on the Dromminge

The new girl on OMalley's pink puff and Friar Domino, getting along like old friends

The new girl on OMalley's pink puff and Friar Domino, getting along like old friends

Skoda 1200 shuffs off this mortal coil

Posted in Cats by sbahn on 2011/07/12
Skoda marking the rebuilt porch

Skoda marking the rebuilt porch

Today we are two. I am no longer the cat lady. A cat lady needs at least three cats.

Skoda 1200, aka Skoda, was the boyfriend’s cat. He came as a package deal with the cat. She was an ok cat when I met her; didn’t like to be scratched or pet or rubbed except under the chin and only if she was in the mood. She was touchy and always seemed to be exactly where you wanted to put your foot. But he was a nice guy, and I liked that a single, straight guy had a cat as a pet.

So in moved me and my two cats at the time, Legs Akimbo and Gris-Gris. I don’t think Skoda ever forgave me for turning her peaceful one-cat-home existence into a cat-infestation. We eventually learned to get along, and sometimes I could even be caught giving her a long brushing or extra wet food.

But today, finally, the boyfriend made the decision that she no longer had any quality of life. I’m sad but she had a safe and loving home. What more could a cat want?

Skoda on the couch

Skoda on the couch

We’ve moved on from the snow…now it’s a layer of ice…on everything

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I could start a rant about how badly Rhode Islanders drive in wintry weather, but what’s the point? I will say they are the worst drivers I’ve ever had to share a roadway with. Turn on your freaking headlights when it’s snowing, sleeting, and raining. Slow the freak down. If you’re scared to drive in this muck, don’t. I’m tired of being behind cars that haven’t had the snow removed with drivers who think going 10 mph is safer than going faster. No, it’s more dangerous because now there’s a line a mile long behind you of traffic.

Breathe. Think happy, warm thoughts.

Bandwidth on a snowy, sleety day

Bandwidth on a snowy, sleety day

Hodges Village Dam or how to get your mind off euthanising your cat

It’s been a bad 10 days. I bring my beloved cat, my favorite after losing my 20-year old (thankfully she took her last breath on my lap and exited this world peacefully after a long, robust life) to the vet with what appears to be a broken foot after he landed funny after jumping off a bureau in the bedroom (that was a fun call to the vet…”I bring him NOW!”), only to be told that “yeah, nothing looks broken in the foot, but O’Malley has cancer and there’s not a lot of time left.” What?! I bring him in with a broken foot and you’re sticking him in the ground?! But he’s my FAVorite.

OMalley on a stump

OMalley on a stump

Three days later, he stops eating. He goes into the bedroom closet and curls up in a ball and won’t leave. This is a cat that craved the warmth of the sun. And who only came into the bedroom to do a quick reconnoiter before heading back downstairs.

Each evening since the vet said he was going to die any moment, I would bring him downstairs for a couple of hours on the couch with me. Then, on Wednesday night, he jumped up on the bed about 2:30 AM to sleep. He NEVER went on the bed…ever. The bed is where Bandwidth and Domino sleep; a hellpit of other cats.

I called the vet who makes house calls on Thursday morning. Not open. I called on Friday morning at 9:30. I had to have my coffee first. Voicemail. I left some rambling message about “end of life.” He called back. Yes, he can come at 1pm on Friday. Thank you, thank you.

I went back home at noon. I went up to the bedroom closet and picked up my fragile big boy and carried him downstairs to the couch. “Sit with me.” He stayed for a few minutes, then decided to jump off the couch and dragged himself into the kitchen on his three good paws. Kaiser Söze cat.

He went up to the water fountain (only for him as the rest of the cat bozos in my house will drink still water, can you imagine?!) and figured out how to get his good front paw to drag the fountain so the water started to move. He drank and drank. When finished, he stood in the kitchen doorway. I picked him up and airlifted him to the box. He used it.

I then brought him back to the couch. We sat together and waited for the vet. The vet and his assistant were wonderful. And I buried him right next to my 20-year old (Legs Akimbo) and I can see them both from my office window.

Then Saturday came. Patrick came and picked up the CB750. I never got in a proper last ride. How could I? I know he’ll be very happy with that bike, and I hope to see it again at this year’s 2010 Rice-o-rama. Oh, and apparently I offended James when he stopped to check out the bike before Patrick arrived when I said to him, “Someone is coming to pick up the bike any minute now. I would prefer if you were not here.” Unfortunately James will continue to come back for more where that came from. I don’t enjoy being a complete bitch to him, but I don’t know how to deal with someone who cannot read social cues. James, I don’t like you. Stay away from me, my house, my cats and my bikes. Oh, and don’t try to hug and kiss me. We’re not in France.

I did get a last video of me riding. I hope to edit on Tuesday after work! I need a Mac to do it because iMovie is for dummies…sign me up!

Where is this thread going? Well, it was supposed to be about riding to Oxford, MA, but now I’m tired. More layder.

Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg

Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg in Webster, MA

OMalley’s Last Day

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Much too young.

Josiah OMalley Alley Cat Extraordinaire

Josiah OMalley Alley Cat Extraordinaire