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Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft

Posted in Cats, Utter nonsense by cheesebot on 2015/06/17

Recently I started reading through this blog back from the beginning (chronologically) and it’s been very interesting to watch Siobhan’s (and my own, to a degree) evolution from the beginning of this in March 2009.  It’s great that I have this record of events to remind me of some of the tiniest stories and her recollections.

A post from right before Thanksgiving 2010 hit me hard though.  I’ll just link it here: Tomorrow is Today

Go read it and come back if you like.

I remember clearly when this was happening and how maudlin Siobhan had become.  And I’m really glad I found this because she’s the person whom I’d most want to talk with about what’s happened and what I should do.  So there it is right there; instructions of a sort that weren’t intended for me but end up freakishly appropriate.  I have been sort of doing what she says anyway.  I’ve been working on the house because I want to be more comfortable and free up some space (this Winter was particularly harsh) but I’ve also been going out and trying new things and places in this fabulous city.  I’ve been making new friends and spending time with old ones.  I’m doing my best to balance being responsible with fucking off for the day, but isn’t that what most of us do?

Oh, and I also continue with this blog partly to let her mom know what’s going on.

I promise I’ll get back to writing about commuting soon.

On a lighter note, here’s one of my favorite posts from the past: What Would Jesus Do?

And I’ll end this with a pic of O’Malley, for Siobhan

O'Malley the Pimp Daddy

O’Malley the Pimp Daddy


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  1. Mary said, on 2015/06/17 at 1:15 pm

    Thanks. Today is my birthday and this is a beautiful gift

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