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A Wintry Mix

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Campus by cheesebot on 2015/01/20

I apologize for not updating this blog very much yet.  I suppose it’s understandable given what I’ve been going through emotionally as well as all the practical and financial things I need to work out.  There are some days when I know a nice long ride would relax me at some level but I also dread some of the other feelings that would inevitably arise.  It’s difficult to ride with tears in your eyes and thick winter gloves aren’t the best at wiping them away through an open visor.  So yeah, I haven’t ridden since the memorial service on December 5th.  The cold, wet weather hasn’t helped either – I’m not as hardy (or crazy) as Siobhan.

The Biohazard and Franz at PC, Dec 5th, 2014

I did finally go back into the garage yesterday and moved a bunch of bikes around and switched some battery tenders to different bikes in preparation for something. I don’t know what.

Siobhan loved her job at Providence College and they loved her back.  We always joked about her starting up a scholarship after retiring for poor sods named “Siobhan” who had to suffer with everyone regularly misspelling and mispronouncing her name.

While not as specific, impractical, and narcissistic as that, we have set up the Siobhan Ross Memorial Fund at Providence College.  The intent of the fund is to provide financial aid resources to needy undergraduates who are residents of the City of Providence.

Anyone who wishes to add to this fund should make their check payable to “Providence College” with “Siobhan Ross Memorial Fund” on the memo line.  Any gifts or correspondence can be directed to:

Lynne Fraser
Institutional Advancement, Harkins 412
Providence College
1 Cunningham Square
Providence, RI 02918

or you can donate online at

Please give what you can, if you can.  I want someone to receive this financial aid in the future and wonder who Siobhan was and to go and find out – find this blog, find her ride reports, find her conference presentations, her pictures, her story.

Thank you.  I promise I’ll get out riding soon and tell you all about it no matter how uninteresting it turns out.


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  1. Mary Ross Forte said, on 2015/01/20 at 1:59 pm

    Your words are so beautiful!

  2. skully93 said, on 2015/02/19 at 9:03 am

    I’m glad you’ve made these last few posts. Must have been tremendously difficult. I’m sure they are appreciated even more by those that were much closer to the both of you.

    Best wishes!


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