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Posted in Campus, Cats by cheesebot on 2014/11/29

This is cheesebot posting, I haven’t made a post on scootcommute in a very long time because sbahn took over and made it her own and has done a wonderful job.  I am the “boyfriend” that you see mentioned in many posts for the last fifteen years.  I’m sorry to announce that sbahn will not be posting any more.

The day before Thanksgiving Siobhan (her real name) was killed in an automobile accident in Foster, RI.  Icy road conditions caused her to lose control and collide with another car coming from the opposite direction.  Anyone who reads this blog knows that she almost never drove a car so the absurdity of it all is mind-blowing.

If you’re local to Providence, RI feel free to come to the memorial service at Providence College:

The Memorial Mass will be Friday, December 5th 11:35am at:

St. Dominic’s Chapel

Providence College

Providence, RI 02918

The reception, afterwards (around 12:30pm) is at:

The Center for Catholic and Dominican Studies (opposite the chapel)

Providence College

Providence, RI 02918

The address for the college is: 1 Cunningham Square, Providence, RI 02918

Please ride if you can – there will definitely be other riders there.

In lieu of flowers we’re requesting that you instead make a memorial donation in her name (Siobhan Ross) to the Providence Animal Rescue League (PARL)

We’ve always had a brood of cats from shelters or straight off the street and PARL was on our yearly charity tax-dodge list. Thank you.

Feel free to post any comments with stories or opinions, I like hearing about what she meant to people.

International Female Ride Day 2012

I would like to ask if you readers of scootcommute would like me to attempt to continue the blog on my own.  I will not have the same voice she does and I could never replace her but I experience the same frustrations and idiot Murano drivers and can still write about dumb cats and various flavors of alcohol.  Let me know.


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  1. Mary Ross Forte said, on 2014/11/29 at 8:19 pm

    Another third of my heart is gone. You are loved so much! Mom

  2. said, on 2014/11/29 at 9:29 pm

    Dear Cheesebot/Erik,

    I tried sending you a PM on on Friday when I heard this horrible news, but for some weird reason it doesn’t snow in my sent box so I do not know if it went through. In any case, here’s a slightly modified resend…

    When I read Anthony’s message about this tragic news, I was stunned in disbelief and saddened beyond words. Siobhan died in an automobile crash?! It just didn’t… still doesn’t…make any sense to me.

    Siobhan and I met during the MSF rider coach training a few years ago. There were three of us gals in the group and she and I connected immediately. Throughout the class, we shared our frustrations, encouraged one another, and rejoiced in beating the pants off the guys on both the written and skills tests. Over the past few years, we would talk about our vintage bike collections (I’ve never met another woman who knew what a Dream or a BSA B25 was!), discuss the trials and tribulations of working in higher education, joke about our cats, and even trade a bit of gear as we mostly wore the same size. She was always up on the latest good stuff!

    While I suppose I’ve been riding longer, she rode MORE…. She was smarter, more knowledgeable, more enthusiastic… She was bigger than life and she was unstoppable; I respected her tremendously. Siobhan celebrated her girly side and delighted in wearing skirts beneath her gear. She had a refreshing perspective and said and wrote things that made me laugh out LOUD! I, like many of us on the coaching staff, loved and adored her.

    I will never forget the incredible light in her eyes, her fiercely competitive spirit, slight spark of madness, infectious enthusiasm, and her utter glee when she scored that PINK Rukka jacket. I will also never forget her kindness, support and encouragement of me as well as the many noobs she coached. I will deeply miss my friend and RC comrade.

    It took awhile to quell the tears in my eyes so that my keyboard didn’t short-circuit as I type. My heart breaks for you and your family. I can only hope that you may find some measure of peace and solace in knowing that Siobhan touched innumerable lives in such an amazing, joyful way!

    Tracy Karasinski, RC41

    P.S. Please keep ScootCommute alive….I always looked forward to the next installment!

  3. circleblue said, on 2014/11/29 at 9:43 pm

    I’m in shock. You must be as well. So very sad.

    I will read if you write.

  4. Dewin Garnsey said, on 2014/11/30 at 1:49 am

    Hi Erik,

    Although I ride an FJR now, you may know me as hi-vis-sportbike-guy, as Siobhan referred to me.

    My mom told me of an accident on 101 near her house in Foster Wednesday night that diverted traffic down her road, where I grew up. I didn’t think much of it until I saw the news reports on Thursday. I am still in shock.

    I barely knew her, but every time we met she greeted me as though we were life long friends. She was a very special person and the world is a darker place in her absence. My thoughts go out to you, her family, and the rest of the people whose lives were enriched by her huge smile.

    I can’t imagine the depth of your loss, but I know she wants you, and the rest of us, to motor on. I know I will carry her memory with me for the rest of my years as I roll briskly down the road on two wheels.

  5. Blackbomber said, on 2014/11/30 at 8:50 am

    In the couple of years I’ve been subscribed to this blog, Siobhan has become my two wheeled hero. I find a lot of satisfaction in using bikes (of any type) for normal A to B transportation. But living in New England, there are lots of excuses to not ride. Siobhan never acknowledged those reasons, and has inspired me to ride a lot more. I’ll be thinking of her as I gear up tomorrow. I’m very saddened by this news, and wish to express my deep sympathies for those who knew her.

    As for keeping the blog going, that would be welcome. Daily Commute is what drew me in. But with reading the latest post, and reflecting, I’ve discovered the rich trove that is the rest of this spot on the web. I’m going to start digging deeper, and will certainly keep up with anything going forward.

  6. Bob Thompson said, on 2014/11/30 at 8:48 pm

    I am blown away by this news and profoundly sad. The only reason I know her is that she posted a year or so ago about some Rufcut rider looking at her blog and she asked to become a member. I lobbied for her to be a member but was shot down. I talked to her directly about it and she was cool with it. Why I looked here was that I remember her trying to ride a Husky back from Florida and it had transmission troubles. She had a lot of spunk to be sure. I was wondering what ever happened to the Husky and came across this. I am so very sad, I am so sorry for your loss. I have no other words

  7. Julie Freedman Kliever said, on 2014/12/01 at 9:51 am

    Erik, and everyone –
    I knew Siobhan as a colleague at Providence College, but had also connected with her outside of work, with motorcycles. I do not ride, but my husband does.The common connection was not so much the bike, but more of getting full-on geek over bike safety and protective gear for women. She knew it all. I was just getting ready to email her a picture of my new motorcycle pants.

    Shock over receiving this news doesn’t begin to describe it – of all things, a car accident. On a mostly-empty stretch of road, under the most unlikely circumstances.
    I sit here at my desk this morning, surrounded by coworkers who are equally numb. She worked in a high-profile position and touched just about everyone here at PC. She was loved – no, revered – and her intelligence combined with her brilliant personality made her a perfect fit for her work in instructional technology. Those who met her even once easily remembered her.

    There are no words, but there certainly will be donations to PARL.

  8. Serpil said, on 2014/12/01 at 1:53 pm

    I am so sad, and I am still in shock. We are like sisters in a short time. I have a picture of her, my little girl (about 15 days old) was on her knees. I will miss her every time.

  9. Maggie Madonia said, on 2014/12/03 at 7:21 am

    I’m incredibly sad reading this! My condolences to you. I spent my summers in RI with my Grandma. I loved reading Siobhan’s adventures.

  10. Deb said, on 2014/12/08 at 10:45 am

    So so sorry for your loss…

  11. Mike said, on 2015/04/23 at 10:44 pm

    I am so sorry to hear this. I took the MSF course with Siobhan a few years ago and had been following this blog before ever meeting her. When I saw her at one of the riding ranges, I said “Scoot Commute!” and she burst out laughing and couldn’t believe she had a fan in the flesh. She made me feel so comfortable and made the experience that much more enjoyable. I remember reading posts of her riding the Buddy in the snow and for her to pass away in a car accident just seems so cruelly ironic.
    I only met her briefly but she made a big impact on me. She was a powerful woman and a good, kind person. I feel lucky to have been able to know her, even just for the very short time i did.

    Mike Frazier

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