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Mother’s Day Ride — Taking on Western RowDylin’

Posted in Pleasure Ride, Ride Reports, Suzuki DR350SE (1995) by sbahn on 2014/05/11

I had a freakin’ BLAST today. Great people, great route, and great weather.

Thanks to

  • jgormley for leading a really fun ride (yeah, leading sucks)
  • CBejbl for hiking the DR Little up a hill when he wouldn’t start after a failed bumpstart
  • Bikenstitches for suggesting the battery connection was off (well, actually, CBejbl’s idea ), and
  • drewha for wrenches

All in all — five bikes — perfectly sized group
WR250, DR 350, TE610, F650 Dakar, 690 Enduro
All the pics (unedited)

Easy start

Swamp Meadow Bridge, Fostah, RowDylin’

Highest Point in Rhode Island, Jerimoth Hill (Fostah)

Pulling out the paper map — this can’t be good

I love this picture. CBejbl looking badass with his KTM 690 Enduro

We had to turn around after following our fearless leader. “This trail shows as going through on the GPS.” Yeah, no.

Fun in the woods! At least the kids are being safe. I couldn’t tell if it was used and placed neatly back in the package, or someone left the woods very, very frustrated

Nice dude on a Dizzer (yellow is the fastest color) from West Wawa stopped where the DR Little wouldn’t start.

Braaap Braaaaaaap. jgormley gets to try CBejbl’s 690 Enduro.

My turn. I look hawt in orange

Do not follow this man. drewha leading us up the creek without a paddle.

CBejbl, drewha, Bikenstitches

It never looks as dramatic in the pics

WTF? We need to ride UP this.
All I could think as the Jeep was heading down is what the F are THEY thinking? We were lined up like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (plus a girl) facing them, and yet they still drove down.

Everyone made it up with no drops, no stops, no help needed. Even me. I don’t know how I got out of my own head.

FU RIDEM. This is the DEM’s idea of ruining a nice dirt road.

Bikenstitches was behind me, nailing all the puddles. And then I looked, no Bikenstitches. I figured he had a bit of a struggle with the thick sand, and sure ’nuff. drewha went back to help. I would have, but I’m usually more of a burden than assistance.

No harm, no foul. Who needs turn signals in New England?

A concerned CBejbl

Lunch at Serio’s Pizzarama in Pascoag (how you say that?), Burrillville, Rhode Island — I was stahvin’ and desperate for water by the time we got here. Onion ring batter was deleesh.
Would you like bacon with that hoagie?

Sand damage — that’ll duct tape right up

Road-worthy requirements in B-ville are pretty lax. This pulled in AFTER we saw an ATV pulling a trailer down the main street.

Oh, and a special message to the RIDEM: Fuck you!

“You can’t ride those in here!”
“Not allowed.”
“Huh? Licensed, registered, insured.”
“Oh, I’m used to illegal dirt bikes.”

Do you seriously think I would ride up to you, Rangerman, if I was on an off-road only bike? Whadd’ya think, I’m a morAn? See these amber things? And this small, rectangular metal thing with numbers on it? Go F yerself. You’re standing between me and a nice bathroom.

Seriously nice ride today. I can’t wait for the BBA this coming weekend


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