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Ides of March Ride

Posted in Pleasure Ride, Ride Reports, Suzuki DR350SE (1995) by sbahn on 2014/03/15

Bank thermometer read a whopping 61F degrees on the ride back into town. DR350 now has 80 more miles on the clock

all the pics!

Key takeaways from the Ides of March Ride

  • I hate fucking deer
  • Boy who wheelies his dirtbike for me, especially a yellow Suzuki, is freaking AWESOME
  • I hate fucking deer
  • 10 year old boys who give me huge thumbs up are the most adorable things on earth
  • oh, and yeah, I hate fucking deer

Only 4 bikes seen which I thought was super-crazy considering how warm it was. People, get out & ride!

  • some kind of Suzuki with knobbies
  • Triumph Bonneville (with orange/white tank, fawn, fawn)
  • some random quiet thing that I barely saw because I was taking a picture
  • and a random sport bike

This is the first time I’ve had the DR350 out since the Thanksgiving yurt camping trip. Y’all know that I ride all year, commuting on the scooters, but man, I gotta tell ya–it felt great to have a tank between my legs

As I’m riding west on Route 14 (Plainfield), all of a sudden it hit me; I’m happy. I’ve been in a terrible mood, hating on everything and everyone, blaming this horrendous winter, the snow, the cold, the dark. I looked down and the trip odometer read 7.3 miles. That’s all it took. 7.3 miles away from Providence. It’s not winter; it’s the fucking “city”.

Scituate Reservoir

I see a bike heading toward me, and I can tell by the profile that it’s a dual sport or dirt bike (sporting yellow plastic ). As the guy gets right up near me, he pulls up a fantastic wheelie. That made my day! I was grinning ear-to-ear.

Isthmus Road, my FAVORITE road in Rhode Island

My plan was to ride Thomas Parker through to Pig Hill (what I call the rhododendron park but which has nothing to do with rhododendrons), but this is what greeted me.

I sat there for a long time, listening to the voices in my head. What to do, what to do? Everyone has that one voice, you know, the practical, cautious voice. The voice that tells you to save money for retirement. The voice that reminds you to recycle that toilet paper tube. The voice that scolds you to not toss those batteries in the trash (or a fire). Because I was alone, that voice won out. If there was someone else with me, I would have bounded over the big pile of snow and plowed down the trail. But I turned around.

I had to revise my directions. I am spatially challenged so wound up going the wrong way (what else is new), but turned around and eventually found my way to Sisson Road.

Collecting sap in Coventry, RI

This is the first time I had the camera on full auto. Never again. But I really wanted to capture how freaking beautiful this day was. Puffy clouds over a farm on Sisson Road, Coventry RI.

Art shot of the DR Little on Tillinghast Road

Apple Farm, Carrs Trail, Coventry Ri

The only other “trail” on my route, Rice City Road. Again, the practical voice won out. Fuck you practical voice!

But someone didn’t wimp out

So purdy

Folk art on Nelson Capwell Road, which I was on because, yet again, I was lost.

Trying to look badass

These tracks on Greenhouse made me so happy. At least one other person wasn’t shopping at Walmart, cleaning his bathroom, or attending a cookie-cutter wedding. What I couldn’t believe is there were no tracks at the “cut-through” between Nicholas and Newport Roads.

I stopped for a snack & water break after riding Hazard Road. As I’m sitting on the bike, a pick-up pulls up next to me and asks me, of all people, for directions to Hazard Road. The perpetually lost, confused about what direction I’m heading in, spatially challenged girl was asked for directions. But I had just come from there and was able to help!

As I made my way up Plain Road, a group of three boys, around the age of 10, were hanging out at the road’s edge, bicycles tossed on the ground. One of them gave me a thumbs up and he tapped one of this friends, indicating he should turn around. They spun around, waving frantically and giving me thumbs up. Oh my god, was I in love! I hope they get to exchange those bicycles for proper bikes.

I got a bit lost from my “directions” because, now that I’m home, one of the “roads” on my list isn’t a road but a blocked-off trail. I had my GPS with me and I saw a way to get to one of the roads on my list. As I’m riding along, slowly (2nd gear), I’m staring at the GPS and my written directions. Not a smart move, yes, I know.

BAM! Fucking doe comes leaping out of the woods, from the right, in front of me. The crazy thing (sorry no pic, I was so freaked out) is that the woods were way up high on both sides of the road, taller than me (y’all know I’m tall!). She had to leap down a good 8-10 feet to the roadway, scramble across the road, and then up a huge embankment. The weird thing was that about 15 minutes before this happened, as I’m tooling down Lewis Farm Road, I thought, “Hmm, wonder if the deer are about?” So yeah, stupid.

Art shot on Perry Hill Road

Look at that sky!

Note to self — call this guy.

Obligatory VW Transporter pic for the boyfriend

Who knew there was an Air National Guard station in Coventry? “Not I,” said the Duck. This is on Read Schoolhouse Road.

Not all woods; beautiful old mill in Coventry, RI. Wouldn’t it make a great workshop?

I can hear them already at work on Monday.

A really needed ride, but now I have to figure out how to deal with my hate for Providence. Maybe when the gorgeous irises in front of my neighbor Mack’s house are in full bloom, I’ll be less grumpy.


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