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2014 Six Nations: Ireland v Wales

Posted in Rugby by sbahn on 2014/03/02

Ok, I’m super far behind in watching this year’s Six Nations matches. Blame it on the fact that they’re not available on US stations, all the snow that I’ve been having to shovel, and trying to keep up on the Bachelor.

I just finished watching the first match of week 2 where Ireland defeated Wales 26-3 at home. Holy crap! I still can’t believe what I was watching.

Who ARE those boys in green? Discipline? Follow-through? Mauls to make a young girl swoon? Pinpoint accurate kicking? WTF?

It was just after Ireland got their last try and the score was 26-3 with about a minute and a half to go that I FINALLY sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed the match. And I wasn’t the only one. Just a few minutes earlier, with Ireland on top 19 to 3, a bad play for Ireland caused the camera to cut to the home crowd where people were cringing in agony, as if they were about to lose with 4 minutes to go and up by 16 points?! THIS is what this team has done to us supporters.

Rory Best, I love you. O’Driscoll, LOVE the fact that you told the coaching staff you weren’t going to leave the match for a substitution.

And this was all against Wales, the country with rugby as its national sport, a country where every little Williams, Jones and Thomas comes out of the womb holding a Gilbert.

Like I said, I’m waaaaay behind so PLEASE, no spoilers. Could this be the year?

I do think that Ireland won’t be able to get away with some of the sloppiness I witnessed tonight when they play France. Man, do I hate France.


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