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Providence DPW or how to make public workers, yet again, look like lazy wankers

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2014/02/26

Ugh, why, why, why?

I was so happy to see the big red Department of Public Works truck at the corner of River and Regent Avenues on my ride in this morning repairing the ginormous pothole that has been brewing for days now…that is until I had to sit in traffic and wait, wait, wait, and again, when I got to review the work on my ride home tonight.

There were several cars in front of me this morning at this 4-way stop, as well as cars coming in the other directions as this is a busy intersection. There were SIX DPW employees and one truck. Four of the employees were standing around, not interacting with traffic, while the truck drove back and forth over the freshly poured pothole filler to stamp it down. The drivers were confused as to who should go, and the truck was blocking the traffic in my direction with the back-and-forth rolling.

Not one Providence DPW employee thought to help control traffic.

Not one Providence DPW employee thought to use the big tamper tool in their hands to tamp down the pothole filler in lieu of having the truck roll back and forth.

Total chaos at 8:10 am in the morning.

Look, I grew up in a staunch union household. My grandfather had me down at the union hall stuffing envelopes for Democratic politicians when I was 4 years old. I believe in the power of the union, but when I see crap like this, it just annoys me. You, Providence DPW workers at the corner of River & Regent this morning at 8:10 am, you make all union workers look bad. You are the reason people don’t want unions that protect and defend the worker.

And the kicker?

On tonight’s ride home, not only is there not enough pothole filler to make it a decent ride over, but the big ol’ rocks that kicked up from beneath the top layer of tarmac are still scattered all over the place. Maybe not a big issue for a car, but for a bicycle, scooter or motorcycle, they can make the wheel go out. This is also a children’s bus stop, and the last thing needed is encouragement of things to throw.

Anyway, I’m just really annoyed. How hard is it to just do your job, and do your job well? I know it’s cold out, so if you don’t like it, find something else to do. I’m sick and tired of the poorer neighborhoods in Providence getting the short shrift from lazy city workers who hide behind the great institution of the union. Gaah!

I’ll try to remember the camera (or a phone that’s charged, haha) so you can see. Stupid lazy bahstids.


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