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I can’t believe how cold I can get on a 4 mile commute

Posted in Daily Commute, Gear Review, Gloves, Honda Elite 250 CH250 (1986) by sbahn on 2014/01/07

I’m convinced these people who wear non-heated gloves and ride for hours at highway speeds in 20 degree weather and “only my fingertips were chilled” are lying.

It took about 10 minutes to get the Honda Elite started tonight. He would crank, start, and then immediately die. Crank-crank-crank, shakity-shake-chug-chug, click-die. I will say that the little-battery-that-could did keep cranking, and finally, I don’t know why, my John Player Special Honda whirled to life.

I sat there, in the almost empty parking lot (we’re in winter intersession), looking around at the snow, my glasses fogging, listening to the purr of a 28 year old Honda. I pulled on my battery-powered Gerbing gloves and rode around the parking lot a bit, making sure the engine wasn’t going to conk out and leave me stranded.

It was at this time I realized my right glove wasn’t heating.

Because of the ice and the temperature (my home outside digital thermometer read 12F when I arrived home), I took the “front way” commute route. Being from “the country,” one usually takes “the back way” and I have no idea what to call the non-back way, so front way it is. The front way commute route sucks as there’s a lot of traffic. But that’s exactly why I take it, as the roadways tend to be more clear due to the volume of cars heating up the street.

FOUR MILES. My commute tonight was four miles. Less than half a mile in and my right hand felt like it was being stabbed over and over and over again. Thunk, thunk goes the knife. By the time I got to Atwells Ave, the pain was taking over my concentration.

Every stop, I pulled my hand off the throttle and jammed it between my legs. When I was gripping the handlebars, I kept moving the fingers. I was seriously thinking my fingers would fall right off.

It took about 5 minutes for my right thumb to thaw out, all the time pain shooting through my hand. And this was 12 degrees Fahrenheit on a 4 mile commute. I don’t know how much more of this I can take.

Can I say it yet again, one more time, I HATE Gerbing battery-pack gloves. This is the fourth or fifth time they have let me down. They’re downright dangerous. But what else is there? One of the guys I work with spent some time today trying to find me a small, portable battery that I can connect the gloves to, as if I was using the battery on the bike. He’s a good guy.

The ridiculous thing is the rest of me is fine, and none of my non-glove gear is heated. Just my hands.

I don’t know how many more days of this super-cold weather my hands can take.



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  1. Maggie (@Maggie302) said, on 2014/01/09 at 8:50 am

    I dumped Gerbing long ago! I use Ansai battery operated gear.

    I also found a site named:

    I got some snow bibs that rate to -50 degrees, I’m super toasty now, Honestly the reviews are by meat locker and dock workers. That alone convinced me! They have an Artic Glove rated to -25, I’m going ot try those.
    I have their -10 rated and those do well until about 20 degrees when riding. Under 20 I go to the heated stuff.

    I love your blog. I was born in Pawtucket and spent my summers with my Grandma until I went away to college. Brown was on my short list but I went another direction.

    I love reading the steets you travel on as I’m very familiar with them all! Makes me miss my Grandma but at the same time brings back good memories.

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