Scoot Commute

Always Block the Box

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2013/12/13

Despite the ridiculous temps we’ve been having (really…21F as I head out in the morning and a blistering 25F when I ride home in December in the mild part of New England!), I was loving commuting on the scooter last night. While I didn’t want to leave work, hanging in one of the departments shooting the shit with the kids and the evening staff person, I had a fantastic commute despite the cold.


Because most of the major intersections were completely blocked, backed-up, impassable. And me on my little Buddy just scooted right on through. By the third major back-up, I was giggling like a schoolgirl.

Chalkstone & River, two cars back from the light, no movement. Flick to the left, cut across to the right, bye bye!

Atwells & Eagle, big tractor trailer making a right onto Harris, blocking traffic in both directions. Flick to the way left, then a big loop over into the right lane, bye bye.

Broadway & Tobey, ramp for Route 6 backed-up onto Broadway, back one car from light, both making a left turn. Pull to the right around the car and slink through the left turners from Broadway.

Westminster & Harkness, tractor trailer in front of me, blocking the T-intersection, with angry guy behind who was determined to not let anyone in. He saw me scurrying around the car in front of me and backed off the truck, leaving me room to squeeze through to make my left.

At this point, I was hysterical. Despite the freezing temps, I couldn’t help but think, “There’s no better way to get to and from work.”


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