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Tonight’s Commute: November 20, 2013

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2013/11/20

Just a quick update tonight. I actually saw a bike on my ride home. For some, not so unusual. But not only do I usually not see any other powered two-wheelers on my commute, but it was 30 frigid degrees this morning, and just under 40F on the ride home.

As I pulled up to Smith Street to make my turn, I barely saw a completely blacked out bike with a blacked out rider (black jacket, backpack and flat black half helmet, brrrr). And there I was, red battery-operated fairy lights hanging off the milkcrate, yellow crate bag with large, reflective triangle facing traffic behind, retro-reflective stickers on my white helmet, reflective patches on the jacket, pants and boots, and two loops of retro-reflective bands on the handlebars. A beautiful opposite ends of the spectrum stilllife.

And crazy weird scene at the intersection of River and Chalkstone Avenues. It was rush hour and a large Budweiser delivery truck, so big it had a separate cab, is backing up against a green light on Chalkstone, trying to park in front of the skeev bar Gilligan’s. It was traffic chaos!

Most of the ride was uneventful, except the car that blew a 4-way stop and the idiot in the Subaru sitting at the intersection of Harkness and Westminster. I don’t even bother to honk anymore. It’s easier to go around a texting or otherwise inattentive bad driver than wake them from their stupor. The more space between me and them, the better.


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  1. HiViz Sportbike Guy said, on 2013/11/21 at 7:55 am

    I’m still commuting. In my Hi-Viz. Except since Tuesday nite when I lowsided the FJR after hitting a polished manhole cover in the apex of a turn with stone cold tires. Spectacular crash! about $500 damage and some bruises. Parts are on order and I’ll be back out there with ya!

    • sbahn said, on 2013/11/21 at 9:48 am

      What?! Heal up fast man. That sucks. You should see how stiffly I corner, especially in the morning, as I repeat in my head “cold tires, slippery paint” and “cold tires, slippery manhole cover.” Sorry you got bit!

      Pity we’re on opposite sides of town…we could give the restless car drivers some smiles.

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