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Cyclone Buff or Why we all should love Gore Windstopper

Posted in Buff, Daily Commute, Gear Review by sbahn on 2013/11/17

I love my Buffs. I have a lot of them. What can I say, I’m a girl and consider a Buff a fashion accessory that happens to be extremely useful and quite good at performing as advertised.

In May I placed yet another Buff order. This time I scooped up a UV Buff (for summer) and a Cyclone Buff to complement my old Polar Buff.

Huh? Buff, what on earth…

Windproof Buff, made specifically with motorcyclists in mind

Windproof Buff, made specifically with motorcyclists in mind

A Buff is a tube of fabric that you pull over your head as it encircles one’s neck. Depending on the fabric, it can keep you toasty warm, sweetly cool, and/or sunburn-free. To say I have a couple of Buffs is a major understatement. I’ve got UV Buffs, hi-viz Buffs, lightweight and heavyweight Buffs, cozy fleece Buffs, and now…a Cyclone Buff.

The Cyclone Buff has two sections:  one is thick black fabric which feels a bit like neoprene that features Gore Windstopper fabric; the other is thin fabric like a regular everyday Buff.

Now that the temps have dropped in New England, I pulled out the Cyclone Buff, a bit reluctantly, actually. I have a really nice Polar Buff (black fleece on one side and pink fabric on the other … reversible) that has gotten me through several winters. It’s super-soft and matches my Rukka jacket.

Polar Buff -- reversible fleece and poly fabric

Polar Buff — reversible fleece and poly fabric

I’ve very reluctantly pulled out my full-on winter gear because of a perverse belief that if I postpone the heavy-duty warmth, it won’t get colder. But alas…

earlier this week it was cooooooold in the morning, below freezing. So out came the Cyclone Buff.

Lemme tell ya, there are some who love the W. L. Gore company and those who hate. I’m in the ‘love’ camp.

I pulled the Cyclone Buff over my head, softer fabric toward my feet, Windstopper fabric toward my head. I carefully mushed the thick fabric between my jaw and helmet padding, and headed to work on the Buddy. It really is unbelievable. No breeze, no wind, no cold.

I’ve become obsessed with all things Windstopper. Did you know they make shoe covers for bicyclists? How fantastic would they be over riding boots?!

Cyclone Buff -- Protection (pattern)

Cyclone Buff — Protection (pattern)


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