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First Snow 11-12-13

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute, Weather by sbahn on 2013/11/13

The commute on Tuesday morning was brutal. One of those commutes that I thought, “Man, there’s no way I can capture just how difficult this is, this little 4-mile ride.”

As I was getting dressed, I looked out the bedroom window to see white flakes drifting earthward. “Great, snow. In mid-November. Why’d I move to New England again?” The cats did that little ear twist that cats do as they lay on my grandmother’s down comforter on the bed. I gave them a grouchy eye stare.

After pulling on my gear, I opened the back door and stumbled into the Buddy. I moved him because I wanted the battery on the tender. Temps dropped twenty degrees overnight. Sad. I yanked the cover off, shoved my new Ortlieb “purse” under the seat (thanks Matt…it’s much too cool for skool), and started up the Buddy.

Snow snow snow.

close-up of snow ... oh how I miss New York

close-up of snow … oh how I miss New York

As I rode over to the gate, I realized I had to unstart the Buddy as I had to open the gate lock. Score one for being an idiot.

On the road now, I discovered just how poorly the Caberg Duke helmet handles cold air temps and warm breath. I’m scooting down Elmwood Ave and, basically, cannot see a thing. I’m wiping wet snow off the outside of my visor and squinting to see out the upper right quadrant of the inside of the visor.

Ever turn was an exercise in “how much can I NOT lean” as I struggled to not slip the rear wheel out on wet leaves and snow-laden pedestrian striping.

I’m riding down Atwells Ave thinking, “This is really scary.” Wha? Those thoughts are for trees that jump in front of me or mind-troubling sticky black mud, not an easy scoot-scoot along a paved city street.

The whole experience was made that much worse by car drivers not turning on their lights on a snowy, grey day. Wonder why there were multiple accidents on the feeder highways in Providence? Turn on yer friggin’ lights!

Sad Buddy on the first snow of the 2013-2014 season

Sad Buddy on the first snow of the 2013-2014 season

Lessons learned?

  • Get the Respro Foggy out BEFORE the first snow of the season
  • Figure out why the Pinlock popped outta the Caberg when I was up in Vermont this summer
  • Wish I didn’t need glasses

At least the ride home wasn’t that bad, except that the temps fell throughout the day. There are times when I think I’m done with winter riding. But it’s just too damn easy. If I had to take a car, it’d take twice as long.


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