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Posted in BMW R75/5 (Mackie Messer), Rugby, Suzuki DR350SE (1995) by sbahn on 2013/10/20
PC winning a lineout

PC winning a lineout

I love rugby, the game they play in heaven. 80 minutes, 15 men, real shorts, sin bin, blood bin, no time-outs. What’s not to love?

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Saturday afternoon saw Southern Connecticut State University visit Providence College. The match was held on the brand new pitch, sandwiched inside of the fancy schmancy track, and also used for football (soccer) matches. The pitch is sized oddly; I don’t know if that’s a college thing or someone f’d-up bad. The rugby pitch is marked in red; soccer in white so it was a bit confusing.

PC gets the ball out of the scrum, passing it to the backs

PC gets the ball out of the scrum, passing it to the backs

I went to watch the whole team, but in particular, one of the kids that works in a department down the hall from my office. Unfortunately he’s not a starter, but he did play most of the second half. I was surprised by the number of supporters, including loads of students, moms and dads, and PC’s women’s rugby. It was hilarious listening to comments from the crowd as the vast majority had no clue what was going on. We really needed an announcer. Hmmm, a job for me perhaps?

PC converts the try!

PC converts the try!

The match itself? Terrific! PC won, 7-5. One converted try by PC against a try with a missed conversion, later in the match, by Southern CT.

PC needs to recruit some properly sized props. PC got wheeled in almost every scrum; it became painful to watch. One time the scrum wheeled around three times before the ref could blow his whistle.

Southern CT feeds the scrum

Southern CT feeds the scrum

Lineouts are another area where PC needs to do some work. I couldn’t tell if it was lack of communication or skill, but Southern CT stole about a quarter of the PC lineouts. Both sides need to work on kicking. Poor  Southern CT missed tying the match because of a missed conversion that really should have been made.

All in all, for a club sport where most of the players have just begun playing in college, I thought it was an entertaining, exciting match. Or maybe I’m just biased ‘cos any fall afternoon spent watching rugby is going to be a helluva lot of fun.

Oh, I forgot to mention, one of of the PC kids got sent off, no warning, straight to red card. I’m dying to know what he said to the ref. I’ll get it outta John this week. And both sides would have scored a try each if it weren’t for being held up. So kudos to you, defence, as I couldn’t believe it. PC’s defence was Herculean, and the fly-half on Southern CT was incredible. Every time he got the ball, all I could think was, “please PC, tackle him, get him down.” I’m convinced he’s not American and has been playing a lot longer than the kids that started in college.

PC getting ready to throw in on a lineout

PC getting ready to throw in on a lineout

By the way, we rode the Suzuki DR350 and the BMW KR75/5 to the pitch!


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