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The Hondas are here, the Hondas are here!

Posted in MSF RiderCoach by sbahn on 2013/07/24

Last night I taught a range out at the main Warwick campus of CCRI. As the students were pulling bikes out of the shed, preparing for the night’s riding, I spotted a bike that was larger than the rest.

“Oh my gosh, the Hondas are here!” I shouted to no one in particular but all the students heard. A couple wandered back into the shed, and I pointed, “The new CRF250L!”

Of course no one took it out because it’s made for giants. I used it as the demo bike for the night. I even joked with my fellow coach that these bikes were going to remain in good condition because only freaks of nature like me can ride them.

The first demo, I threw a leg way up and over, and looked down for the choke and fuel valve. Nothing. I turned the key, hit the kill switch, and heard that sound I haven’t heard since the boyfriend sold the BMW F650, that “grrrrrrshhhhhhhhhump.”

“It’s fuel injected!” I yelled. “Wow!”

Needless to say, I had fun. No pics because the phone is broken and I didn’t have a camera. I’ll try to grab some this weekend.


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