Scoot Commute

Matt’s going away Pachaug Camp & Ride

I’m really sad, but onto the weekend’s festivities! July 19-21, 2013 at Green Falls campground in Pachaug State Forest, Voluntown, CT.

Much too hot to do any proper riding, but still a great time of bullshittin’ around the non-existent fire.

Best story of the CNR involved a pompier dancing on a bar while getting a bj from “a granny.”

Best quote of CNR came from a guy at the site next door, screamed at the top of his lungs around 5:00 AM: I WANT TO GO HOME. F THIS [bundle of sticks word] CAMPING. Dude, whatever skunk you’re smoking, you need to find a better supplier.

Friday evening

did you know that p_funk was actually a monarch buttefly?

does this even need a caption?

mmmm…alcontrast brought sushi to share on Friday night

I kicked Rhode Hazard out as he hadn’t indicated his intention of dropping by … back to little Rhody, ya bahstahd

xjake’s updated R100GS … I’m loving the big tank

Rhode Trip and MrsTrip heading out Saturday morning

the rain FINALLY came late Saturday afternoon … love this pic of GF of WAP

serious rain … ChrisRiedinger working his corner of the shelter

cheesebot’s BMW R75/5 after the rain

akarob chillin’ with one of the guys from the site next door … if only women could get away with that, there would be no anorexia

akarob with drewha (right) hamming it up with drewha’s chili (Saturday’s dinner)

it was so freakin’ hot that there were no campfires … but fear not, as alcontrast brought his Gen 1 ammo box winter camp stove heater for its initial light up

akarob with Gen 1 stove heater and a cup of lemon water

the gang providing many insights on how to improve the Gen 1

even though my DR350 was sitting on a milkcrate in my back yard, we couldn’t have a CNR without one … new guy gresh125 showed up in the darkness with his ’90 DR350 … gotta get me that RM250 snout

packed up and ready to head back to Probbydense on Sunday on one of the ugliest scooters ever made, a mid-80’s Honda Elite 250 (mind you, the 150s are Devo cool)

akarob, GF of WAP, alconstrast, lester3, cheesebot, mrt10x, WAP as mrt10x gets ready to head back to little Rhody

I’m not gonna get all mushy save to say, mrt10x, thank you for the innumerable times you’ve helped me, or just plain did it yourself, pick up my bike, and for being foolish enough to lend me your DRZ400E on the 2012 Somers Fun Run a week after my sweet Elsa was stolen. It sums up the kind of guy you are.


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