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I don’t know why anyone would want to learn to ride a motorcycle in July in New England

Posted in MSF RiderCoach by sbahn on 2013/07/17

It was so hot last night, as I stumbled along the range, eyes glassy and head expanding from the heat and humidity, that I don’t know how anyone learned anything…but somehow, they did, and did well!

On the eighth of nine exercises, I took out a TW200 to perform the demonstration so that the students could see the path of travel and engine braking technique. Just as begin to pull out of the staging area, I yell over to my fellow RiderCoach “this is run in reverse, right?” to which she nodded a yes.

I head out and do a large teardrop to the other end of the range, getting ready to shift to third, down to second, up to third, down to second, usw. As I rode around, on the second go-round, I thought to myself, “how on earth does this exercise end? how do the student riders get back to staging?”

Then I did another loop. “Oh that’s right,” I remembered. “I need to stop over by the basketball hoops and reverse. Duh!”

I pulled back into the staging area and my fellow coach teased me, “So you have fun riding around in a parking lot?!”

I sheepishly admitted to her and the students that I couldn’t remember how the exercise ended. “Really guys, you’re in good hands here, but this heat…it’s turning me into an idiot and I still have to ride home!”

The students did great considering how relentless the heat was coming off the tarmac. I don’t get those who didn’t bring anything to drink.

So if you’re going to take the MSF BRC in the heat and humidity of the summer, bring a cooler with cold drinks (non-caffeinated) and snacks. Water – water – water!


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