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Quick Gear Update: Waterproof stuff really is waterproof

Posted in Boots, Gear Review, Gloves, Jackets, MSF RiderCoach, Pants by sbahn on 2013/06/12

Yes, I’m a gear whore. I like nice things and I like nice gear. I think I finally have a perfect set-up.

Yesterday, Tuesday, June 11, 2013, saw crazy, heavy downpours of rain. Rain, rain, rain. Lashing rain. Rain so hard it looked like hail but, thankfully, was only rain. Rain so bad all the rivers are over flood stage in Rhode Island.

And where was I during the hours and hours of this rain? That’s right: outside, conducting an MSF Basic Rider Course.

So huge thumbs up to my fantastic gear that kept me dry, dry, dry as I stood in the rain, walked in the rain, rode demos in the rain, and finally, rode the scooter home in the rain.

Pants: Rukka Focus trousers kept me completely, 100% dry. I rode the demo for each exercise which meant my butt was sitting on various motorcycle seats that had pooled with water. Not a drop got in. I stood, walked, dropped and picked up cones, and not a drop got in. And riding the little Buddy home at 40mph, not a drop got in.

Boots: Gaerne Black Rose boots kept my feet 100% dry. I was actually shocked at how well they performed because eventually, boots leak. Not a drop.

Jacket: Rukka Julia jacket was only used on the ride home as I wore my LL Bean rain jacket because I don’t like wearing the heavy, armoured jacket on the range. Too much abuse. The ride home, with speeds of 40-45 mph, in an absolute drenching downpour confirmed that this jacket is, indeed, waterproof. That Gore Lockout zipper really works. The only issue I had was that I (stupidly) put my gloves over the sleeves, and then my Rain-Off overgloves, over the sleeves, and water must have seeped down from the jacket into my riding gloves. The good news is, the Held Steves dried quickly overnight. I was surprised that the leather were dry this morning.

All in all, I feel like I’ve got truly waterproof, protective, well-fitting, and gosh darn it, fashionable riding gear.

And finally, to those in last night’s class…you guys were fantastic. I know you were wet, tired, hungry, cold, and nervous about riding in a deluge, but you all concentrated and remained open to learning. I wish you many years of wonderful riding.


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  1. Robert Wilson said, on 2013/07/11 at 8:31 pm

    I did my class in the rain as well. I think it made me into a better motorcyclist and my personal rain gear choice is Frogg Toggs. A little pricier but I’ve used them before. Good going on your class!

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