Scoot Commute

Wait, that’s a black DRZ!

Posted in Daily Commute, Honda Elite 250 CH250 (1986) by sbahn on 2013/05/06

Last Tuesday I was heading over to the Lincoln campus of CCRI to run a class. I had just left my campus, coming up to the first stop sign, when I see a bike zip by.

“Hmmm, that sure looked like a Dizz,” I thought to myself. “I’ve got to catch up.”

Of course there was traffic, but I managed to wangle myself a spot right behind the bike as the next stoplight. I’m looking and snooping. Those taillights, they look right. But the plastics, what’s going on? I just need to see the forks. I finally just decide, “feck it, I’m gonna ride up next to him and chat.”

I’m on the 1986 Honda Elite. It’s not the hippest bike, but I don’t really care. Upon seeing the gold, inverted forks, I know for certain I’m sitting next to a DR-Z 400SM with a hooligan aboard. The bike has been Rhino-lined which looks pretty bas-ass.

Lifting my helmet’s shield, I yell over “Nice sumo!” The dude stares at me. “Nice DRZ…I used to have one until it was stolen!” Finally the kid cracks a smile. “I love this bike!” he tosses back. And he sure looked it. He reminded me of Jesse, the guy I bought my Dizz from…young, hoodie, invincible.

But really, I was just confirming that it wasn’t my stolen bike. Had it been, I don’t know what I would have done. Follow him on a mid-80’s scooter? And then what. “Gimme my bike back, ya ass?!” What’s that gonna get me?

Still miss Elsa, the pink & black DRZ400SM.


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