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Left Turners … or how to not see a giant Honda Elite scooter

Posted in Daily Commute, Honda Elite 250 CH250 (1986) by sbahn on 2013/04/10

I haven’t posted in a while, not for lack of activity but more so lack of creative writing skills.

This morning’s incident, however, I have to document. I was riding into work on Elmwood Avenue which is now one lane in each direction with a center turning lane. It is a “block by block” street meaning that there are city streets intersecting it every block. From where I turn onto Elmwood to where I turn off, it’s about 8 intersecting streets. A couple of these intersections are real doozies because of the traffic pattern.

As I was approaching my left turn onto a side street, I put on my blinker and began to move into the center turning lane. A car was pulling out from my right, inching out onto Elmwood. I was watching her head and noticed that she was just not seeing me. I also noticed that traffic in my opposite direction was clearing.

Yes, you guessed it. She pulled out right in front of me.

Things I had going for me that prevented a collision:

  • assumed she was going to turn in front of me
  • just put on new tires and new brakes
  • didn’t get flustered, just swerved left and then braked hard

She made her turn, I made mine, and I’m certain she never saw me once, no idea that she pulled out in front of a vehicle this morning.

The thing is, I didn’t honk, I didn’t do the WTF armflap, I just went on my way. So either I’m really, really tired or all these years of riding are making me just act.

City riding sucks.


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