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How to use a school bus to make a left turn against traffic

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2013/03/03

I will never understand why traffic on the Friday evening commute is much worse than any other weekday evening. I just don’t get it.

Of course this happened at the five points intersection at Atwells Avenue, Eagle Street and Harris Avenue. Due to construction that involves ginormous cement round things (a water project underground), Eagle Street is down to one lane. That doesn’t stop car drivers from driving as far up the left lane as possible, and then politely putting on the right turn signal to indicate the need to butt into line. Can you tell this makes me crazy? Because I can’t get around them!

The traffic was backed up waaaaaay, way backed up, but I still managed to squirm my way to the front of the line, all the time with my LEFT indicator so folks knew I wasn’t cutting in line but getting out of their way to make a left.

One of the “cars” in the left lane, cutting in line, was a school bus. Of course.

The bus finally pushed its way to the head of line, and turned on its left turn signal.

Because of the construction, the left turn arrow is turned off. Making a left becomes a game of Frogger. But alas, I had a giant school bus in front of me.

Aha, I know that the bus driver is going to force his way into the intersection, throwing out all driving etiquette about yielding and right-of-way. So I decided to ride to the left of the left-turning bus and use it to block whatever traffic was coming straight. Again, there’s tons of traffic and we no longer have a friendly left-turn-arrow.

So thank you obnoxious school bus driver. You saved me at least one light cycle.


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