Scoot Commute

Blizzard ain’t gonna keep this scooter commuter down

Posted in Daily Commute, Honda Elite 250 CH250 (1986) by sbahn on 2013/02/12

It took AN HOUR to get to work this morning…ONE HOUR to go 3.9 miles. Talk about blocking the box! I sat at one light for TWELVE cycles because there was just so much traffic. Streets are down to one lane and just can’t handle the volume. And the car drivers, they’ve got the patience of a gnat and the driving ninja skills of a dodo bird. I didn’t use my regular commuting route as I needed streets that were cleared, which all were except one. The adrenaline rush as the Honda Elite fishtailed through the intersection at Nathanael Greene middle school was exhilarating!

I determined that I would not take the same route home. Who wants to waste an hour sitting in traffic in the cold, the dark, the slush?

As I’m making a right turn onto Oakland Street, creeping along in traffic yet again, I see what my eyes tell me is a “guy on a dirtbike”, but my brain computes as “guy on a bicycle” because really, who else is riding in these conditions?

Well, it was a guy on a dirtbike, yellow of course (Team Suzuki!) riding on the sidewalk, cutting through traffic, and then up onto the sidewalk on the other side of the street. For one small moment, I wanted to be him.


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  1. circleblue said, on 2013/02/13 at 9:43 pm

    “…the driving ninja skills of a dodo bird.” Great line!

    You are definitely crazier than I am. Of course, I mean that in a nice way :^)

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