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OK Providence MotoCops, I am a wimp

Posted in Car Commute, Honda Fit by sbahn on 2013/01/03

Yesterday was my first day back to work since the Christmas break. I was fully prepared to ride the Honda Elite, having prepped it the day before. Prep consisted of taking it out of the garage, starting it, and riding up and down the block. It’s not on a battery tender and hasn’t been ridden since, I don’t even know when. I just bought it in early November, and got it registered on December 20. I pressed the magic button and “purrrrrrr”, the engine roared to life. Gotta love the Hondas!

I walked over to the garage, but I asked the boyfriend to come with me in case I had trouble maneuvering it out of the ice-covered driveway. Good thing I did as the lock to the garage was frozen. That key wasn’t going in, no matter what.

Sure, I coulda walked back to the house to fetch a lighter to heat up the key, but it was 23F and I needed to get to work. The decision was made easy as the boyfriend just picked up a 1987 Toyota Van Wagon (aka “the Space Cruiser”) so he had a way to get to work, and we’re in intersession so there’s plenty of parking on campus.

This morning, though, I had fully intended on riding. The boyfriend made sure the lock was working last night, and I had the lighter ready to go just in case. But as I was taking a shower, Dutch the orange cat came blasting into the bathroom, opening the door fully and making the bathroom freezing (I keep the house at 55F). I thought for a moment

Do you really want to ride in today? The thermometer is reading 9F. There’s plenty of parking, and you can listen to WRNI on the way in. Wouldn’t you rather be comfy and entertained in the Honda Fit?

Decision made. I took the car. That’s two days of car driving for 2013 (thus far).

But here’s where I regretted the decision. As I turned onto Atwells Ave, there stood one of Providence’s Moto-Finest, giving out a ticket [note: I’ve seen the moto-cops giving tickets in this same location several times, right on Atwells at Harris and Eagle Streets). He had on the traditional uniform, including half-helmet and those ridiculous boots the guys wear. He had a fleecy-looking neck gaiter pulled way up over his nose. And of course I had to sit there for two light cycles, staring and thinking to myself, “Who’s the wimp now?”

I did get a kick-ass parking spot. The complete idiocy came at the end of the day when I walked to the lot where I park the scooter, much farther from my office than where I actually parked, in the biting cold (never got out of the low 20s today). I stood in the lot, trying to remember where I parked, until it dawned on me I took the Fit today.

Friday is an Elite day.


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  1. circleblue said, on 2013/01/03 at 10:59 pm

    Gotta love it! Those guys are tough.

    The coldest I made it out so far this year was 15F. Boy, am I glad I have heated grips. This is my first winter with heated grips. Now I wonder how I did without them.

    Good luck on Friday. May you ride and may it be a beautiful thing.

  2. Ryan said, on 2013/01/08 at 12:00 pm

    I envy your Elite! gorgeous paint job!

    My buddy just hit 5400 miles in 10 months. I need to ride it far more this year :P.

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