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Insurance Money is burning a hole in my pocket!

Posted in Bike Buying, Honda Elite 250 CH250 (1986) by sbahn on 2012/11/04

The insurance money came through on Elsa (my beloved DRZ400SM), and I’ve been wandering around, literally and figuratively, trying to decide on what to get to ‘replace’ that bike.

So far, I’ve picked up a 1995 DR350SE which I’m absolutely loving. The thing weighs nothing and the ergos are better than the Dizzer.

Dinner at Aidan's on the first day return to Eastern Standard Time, 2012 - still life with Honda Transalp and Buddy St. Tropez scooter

Dinner at Aidan’s on the first day return to Eastern Standard Time, 2012 – still life with Honda Transalp and Buddy St. Tropez scooter

This weekend I went to look at a Husqvarna TE610. What a FUN bike, and the guy selling it was super-cool. Seriously, super-cool. Who else would let a girl just roll up, in a car, pull out a helmet, and jump on his bike to take it for a ride. Well, he did check my license to see that I had an endorsement (well, actually, an H restriction in little Rhody). He was pretty funny, ‘cos he musta said three times “this is a really powerful bike” before I hopped on.

My initial thoughts:

  • weighs NOTHING (for a bike that would be my ‘touring’ bike)
  • gear ratios are fucking brilliant
  • really easy to ride
  • ergos felt really good (I’m 5’11”)
  • it looks like a bike you’d buy at IKEA

The only reason I’m passing on the bike is because it’s a 2003. There were only 49 imported (so I read on the innernetz so it must be true) and that makes me nervous. The other issue is, being an ’03, it weighs 330 lbs. The later models weigh 308 lbs (these are wet w/o fuel weights I believe, but please do some real research to confirm) and I’m trying to find the lightest capable bike available that also looks cool and doesn’t cost a small fortune.

Now today, Sunday, I went to look at a 1986 Honda Elite 250. That’s right, a CH250. I have ALWAYS wanted a CH250. Who wouldn’t? They’ve got that great 80’s Honda look, a dash from the future, and, because it’s a 250, it can haul some ass.

The ad came up on the local craigslist on Friday. I sent it to the boyfriend, and he joked on Friday that we should go have a look. I actually took the initiative and emailed the guy (no phone in the ad) asking to see it this weekend. After a couple of phone calls back and forth, we agreed on a time today, Sunday.

I didn’t even bother doing any real research, ‘cos really, it’s a Honda. And I know about these bikes.

The boyfriend and I went to look at one listed on the local CL about 4 or 5 years ago, probably more like 5 years ago. It was in good condition but the guy wanted a bit more than we had to spend so we passed. That visit did turn into a good acquaintance relationship as he turned us onto the Honda Dream and we see him every year at Rice-o-Rama.

But I digress.

It boils down to, yes, I am going to be the proud owner of a 1986 Honda Elite 250 in the black & gold color scheme (John Player anyone?). The guy selling it is the son of the original owner, who moved to Florida. He took his Honda Spree (oooo yeah!) and left the Elite up here in little Rhody.

1986 CH250 Honda Elite 250 in Pearl Gold Black

1986 CH250 Honda Elite 250 in Pearl Gold Black

Everything about this scoot is a hoot and a half. The windshield, oh, that’s how a windshield is supposed to work?! It actually diverted the air over my helmet. My only complaint are the mushy brakes, but that’s what the scoot is known for. What can you really do with two drum brakes. And I like that the rear brake is applied by using the right foot, like a real scootah.

I’ll be reporting over the winter as I intend to make this beaut my wintah commutah scootah because it has a windshield and great body protection.


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  1. Keith~Circle Blue said, on 2012/11/04 at 9:58 pm

    Yay! Looks like a great ride!

    My Symba’s windshield clipped on the handlebars. The clip broke. I’m going to see about running w/o for a while. I’ll admit to some real windshield envy.

  2. SonjaM said, on 2012/11/05 at 11:03 pm

    For an ‘oldy’ this scoot looks in pretty good shape. Wishing you many miles and smiles, just be careful with those brakes, eh!

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