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Dreaming of Ducati

Posted in Pleasure Ride by sbahn on 2012/10/22

Oh my. I don’t understand how one can walk into a dealership, order a Ducati, and ride it home without some sort of background check.

I rode my first Ducati tonight. I was terrified for all 15 to 25 minutes or however long it was. TERRIFIED. I remember thinking at one point, “I’d like to just call the owner and say, ‘come get me, I’m done'” but I didn’t have that option.

me & the  Ducati Monster Evo in 'urban military chic' green

me & the Ducati Monster Evo in ‘urban military chic’ green

Initial power
Well, at least I didn’t wheelie it. Holy cow. 1100 cc of raw power and trying to figure out where to let it go. Every red light, I freaked a bit.

Well, I pushed it on the on-ramp because, really, these bikes are made for leaning. I’ve been on this ramp a ba-zillion times, but not like this. Gorgeous. My complaint? It takes EVERY BUMP and transfers it TO THE RIDER’S BODY. I was like, “Huh? My D/S doesn’t do this.” so maybe I’m just a wimp.

The best I could do was 67 mph on Route 6 because I remembered I didn’t have my license on me, and really, it was scaring the shit out of me.

What I learned

  • I like sitting upright
  • windshield is a necessity on the highway
  • initial takeoff is SCARY so you better know the clutch
  • It’s kinda fun to look REALLY badass as the guy in the green pick-up let me know
  • weight distribution is REMARKABLE and I never felt like I couldn’t handle the weight

My biggest issue was riding the surface streets. I felt like, if someone did something stupid, I wouldn’t be able to react appropriately. That’s partly “It’s not my bike” and partly, “Oh my god, this thing is CRAZY!”
HUGE thank you to Tripp for letting me take out his sweet Ducati Monster 1100 Evo in “urban military chic” motif. Lemme tell ya, I don’t know if I would have done the same. The DR350SE is up for grabs…I think you’re gonna love the lack of weight!




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