Scoot Commute

Scooter Commuting, or Oh, I get it now

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2012/10/17

On the ride home tonight, it finally occurred to me why commuting by scooter is so much better than commuting by car. The reveal?

I can easily dart around cars that are driving badly.

Now really, this isn’t rocket science, but it took THIS LONG to figure out. On the very rare occasion I am in a car going to or from campus (usually because I have a student with me), it seems to take FOR-EVAH.

Tonight’s ride home, I simply went around a variety of cars.

  • Car stopped at stop sign, not pulling out because driver is doing something other than paying attention to a good time to pull out. Zip, around, bye-bye.
  • Car stopped, left indicator on. Two cars behind it, stopped dead, sitting, waiting. Really? Zip around the right (and yes, I did the zip slowly as I watched the wheels of both “patient” cars to make sure they weren’t going to jerk into my lane), bye-bye.
  • Light turns green, “hey mon” car, my name for a car driven by someone smoking up, creeps up the street, creepy, crawly, creepy, crawly, creep, creep, creep. C’mon, either smoke or drive; it’s obvious you can’t do both. I turn left on this street; however, the intersection has exposed tram rails poking through the pavement, so I stick to the center of the street, which is smoother. The car is also turning left, well, at least that’s what the left blinker said, but he just sorta stopped next to the curb. Zip, made my turn, bye-bye. He’s probably still there, creeping up Dexter Street, getting a bit hungry as he puzzles where he is.

There you have it. Scooters are faster than cars for urban commuting. I’m a genius.


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