Scoot Commute

A message to the Nissan 370 driver last night

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2012/10/11

My dear Nissan driving friend, you know who you are, in the white “poor man’s” sports car in downtown Providence around 10pm on Wednesday night, I wanted to let you know what I was saying, in case you couldn’t hear due to the windows being closed in your car. It sorta went like this:

What the fuck? What the fuck? Are you trying to fucking kill me?

I don’t really understand what happened with you. I pulled up on your right, in my own lane, at the Smith Street stoplight on Canal Street. Light turned green and I pulled out in front and, using my blinker, moved into the same lane as you (you were way behind me because the scoot pulls quickly off the line).

We continued through town, with you staying behind me at every light (because of course we hit every red light). Along Memorial Boulevard, a black Volvo made its way in front of you, as I kept to the right lane.

As we passed Capriccio on Dyer Street, we kept to our separate lanes, but I remained several car lengths in front, you in the right, me in the left, because I know that the right lane disappears as the ramp onto the highway is no longer there (due to I-Way construction).

Inexplicably, you sped up on my right in the lane that disappears, and started to cut over into my lane, and me! I laid on the Buddy’s horn (the Stebel airhorn), and as you took my lane from me, proceeded to slam on your brakes.

And now you wonder why I was addressing with such vocabulary. Because basically, a lesser rider would have slammed into the back of your car.

I still don’t know what your issue was, but you may want to take a peek into the mirror and think about your actions. Slamming on your brakes with a motorbike behind you is definitely NOT a good driving maneuver unless you want a serious lawsuit. So go fuck yourself!


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