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The slow and painful process of dealing with a stolen bike: Part One

Posted in Gloves, Shopping, Stolen Bike by sbahn on 2012/09/03

Two items reacquired!

  • Pink ROK Straps
  • Held Steve gloves

I got the original pink ROK straps at the International Motorcycle show so I sorta thought I’d never find them again because, really, who wants pink straps on their bike? But I am now the proud owner of yet another pair of pink ROK straps. Now I just need a bike onto which to strap them.

I’ve been riding with a pair of “backup” gloves that I save for use by my mother-in-law when she’s in town. They’re ok for what they are, but they’re shorty gloves and I much prefer gauntlets. I loooooved my Held Steves; they were perfectly broken in, super-comfy, and I felt safe when wearing them.

I just replaced the Steves today, so now I have to go back down that long road of breaking them in again. I hope those little bahstahds are enjoying them, although I have a feeling they were quickly tossed. If only they knew how much they cost.

Now, I gotta figure out a bike!


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