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July 2012 Camp & Ride: Bringing the Buddy to a KTM fest

This year I told myself to camp more off the Buddy. And even though this weekend’s Camp-and-Ride (CNR) in Voluntown, CT called out to the newly rebuilt DRZ400 (looooong story), I hunkered down and took the Buddy while the boyfriend rode the 1971 BMW R75/5. His mom was going to meet up with us at the campground with a bunch of street-legal dirt bike hooligans. There are 4-6 CNRs a year and I always miss the June gathering. No way I was going to miss the July ride despite the miserable water-from-the-sky forecast.

All the pics:

Heading out from Providence to Voluntown (about 50 miles on the backroads route we take)

When we got to Voluntown and gassed up (at Chucky’s, best restroom in eastern CT!), the skies opened. Both of us slooooowed way down on the gravel roads into the campground because of the multiple washouts. That’s the /5 headlight taken over my shoulder as I was riding.

Road to Green Falls campground, Pachaug State Forest

BMW R75/5 as imagined by Claude Monet

One of the guys brought a Gas Gas trials bike, just because, and let Rob, the guy who organizes the CNR, take it for a ride. Rob kept trying to sit…on a bike without a seat!

Saturday morning…filthy Prima after the ride in the afternoon before.

We brought the big tent because the boyfriend’s mom was driving up from New York to camp with us. A 16lb tent on a 41 year old BMW in the pouring rain on a dirt road = really?

Rob marks the main campsite so we all know where to go. We’re not the brightest bunch.

The boyfriend’s mom on the back of the /5. This was her first time on this bike. A 41 year old bike can handle washed out gravel roads.

One handed Buddy riding to grab these shots. Oops, wash-out up ahead, drop the camera (good thing I have a lanyard).

Boyfriend and boyfriend’s mom at Bluff Point State Park, Groton CT when the rain finally stopped. I don’t mind getting rained on, usually, but when it’s cold (70F in July?!), I’m moving at a good clip, wearing the Rukka which flows air really, really well…I was freeeeeezing. It’s July; where’s the 90F day?!

Riding 117 back north to get out of the rain (which failed miserably). Note the blue Buddy reflected in the toaster tank. Oh yeeeeeah.

The other BMW at the CNR…Jerry hauling his new-to-him Yamaha WR250 on the back of his X3.

Rob, the organizer of the CNR, wheelie-ing his KTM for the camera. Despite the overabundance of “the orange” at the CNRs, they were all over the Buddy.

This guy is ready to build a skidplate and hand-guards for the Buddy. I told him, “The suspension is but a twinkle in the engineer’s eye. Do I really want to destroy my daily commuter on the rocks?”

Saturday afternoon/evening, the skies opened up and it rained, rained, rained. Rob organized a raffle.

Lincoln selecting his prize.

Me tending to the Saturday evening fire…after the rain finally stopped. Ya gotta understand, it POURED for at least 2 hours and we still managed to keep the fire going (thanks Al!). We start a fire on Friday night (with one match) and keep the coals hot enough to not need another match the entire weekend. My job is to make sure the fires are good.

About half of us cook over the fire

End of the July 2012 CNR Sad

Lots of mud, lots of rain, lots of dirt. Oh yeeeeah! Put yer feet on the passenger pegs and stand; Franz Biberkopf the Buddy St. Tropez goes over anything (that’s less than 10 inches of clearance).

Durrrrrrrty BMW R75/5 — love me some drum brakes

Still life with Buddy headset

My Ortlieb haulin’ boy!

Riding back into Providence…this is a building on Reservoir Avenue, Cranston that I always look at to admire my reflection. I managed to capture both of us, but ya gotta know what yer looking fer.

Sunday, back home. No rain on the ride back, but man, was it cold! If you’re looking for mesh gear that moves air, Rukka Air is for you. I had my rain jacket on underneath the Rukka and I was still freezing…and the bank said it was 74F. Sheeeesh.

Back home, neighbor’s cat (I renamed him Tiberius) happy to have us back since she provides minimal care (and food and water).

I’m going to try to get in a camping trip out to the Cape (that would be Cape Caaaahd) in September or October on the scoot. We’ll see.

Despite all the rain and the lack of trail riding, it was a great CNR! The LL Bean tent kept me, the b/f and his mom dry and comfy. None of the boys broke themselves or their bikes; probably the first time ever.


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