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Three weeks off the scoot

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2012/07/02

Today was my first day back commuting in over three weeks. I know, pretty schweet, but it wasn’t all fun and games. The second week of June I spent at a conference in Atlanta. I’ve decided, from my very brief walkabout in Atlanta, that I’m not a fan.

Upon returning home, we packed up the “big” bikes, the DRZ and the Transalp, and headed down to West Virginia for two weeks of riding around with no particular itinerary. I’ll write up that trip, but for today…

there’s a new GINORMOUS pothole on the ride home, right where River Avenue dumps onto Valley Street.

I had stopped at the Aldi (ugh, what a mistake on the first of the month!) and was loaded down with groceries as there was nothing in our house to eat. I began to take the right-on-red where I usually stand or push all my weight back on the bike because the angle of the roadway is so steep when I noticed a giant, gaping tunnel to China right in the line of my front tire.

A quick grab of the brake and a flick and I got the tire around it, but man oh man. Gone three weeks and the city is falling apart.

On a completely different note, I also switched to my blinding hi-viz mesh jacket, an Olympia AirGlide. It’s only a year old and I only wear it a couple of months of the year so it’s still really, really bright.

As I came along the sweeping curve by the now-closed Catholic school on Ridge Street, a pick-up began to pull across to the center median. He was about halfway into my lane when the driver did a double-take and promptly threw the truck into reverse to get out of the street and back into the parking lot. That’s the power of hi-viz.


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