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My old Honda Metropolitan

Posted in Daily Commute by sbahn on 2012/05/25

I didn’t get a chance to post this last Friday, but as I was riding home from work on Westminster, I see a wee little scootah riding toward me in the opposite lane. Immediately I recognize my Honda Metropolitan, the one I sold to my neighbor who went insane (the one who stopped talking to me and a bunch of others in the neighborhood even though we asked her what pissed her off so, packed up her stuff, moved across town, and had a 50th birthday party to which she didn’t even invite her brother, the guy who owned the house she lived in for practically nothing). However, the rider, instead of being a poorly geared short woman was a scrawny, bearded hipster.

And how did I know it was my old 2002 Honda Met? Because that was the only year the cowls were cream, not the alternating body color. And, yeah, the brown milkcrate that the boyfriend had attached for the neighbor when she was still talking to us.

I was so surprised I gave a full-on “Hey yo, Scootah Brother!” wave. He returned a pathetic attempt at acknowledgement. I almost turned around to follow him to ask about how he liked the Met, but I thought better of it. The New York part of me serves me well when it comes to freaking out strangers.

So there you have it. My beloved 2002 Honda Met, purchased in Pennsylvania from a retired engineer (note: when buying used, you can’t go wrong with the original owner being a retired engineer), is alive and well in the West End.

My old 2002 Honda Met with the person I sold it to (who in turn sold it to a hipstah scootah brother)


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  1. Keith~Circle Blue said, on 2012/05/25 at 5:46 pm

    I sold my first scooter to an older gentleman who is still talking to me, who had wanted a motorcycle or scooter his whole, or so he told me, and hasn’t ridden it since I made him meet me in a parking lot so I was sure he could handle it. Yes, sadly my beloved Lil’ Blue Adly scoot sits under a tarp in this gentleman’s backyard. There it has been for over two years. Oh well, you can sell them scooter, but you can’t make them scoot.

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