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Gear Update: Rain-Off waterproof overgloves

Posted in Daily Commute, Gear Review, Gloves by sbahn on 2012/05/09

So, it was raining this morning. A lot. And again on the ride home.

After I got home and draped my Rain-Off overgloves over the back of a chair in the kitchen to dry, I thought, “Hmm, you should update the blog as you’ve now had these gloves for 3 years.”

These things are, in a word (or two), fucking awesome. I have never had a leak, no wet gloves, no nothing, plus the fabric is fantastic for swiping raindrops off my shield. I even don’t mind the backwards toggle-tightening system anymore.

I’ve worn these overgloves for my short commute by scooter, on long-distance motorcycle rides on the DRZ through rain-soaked Canada, and everything inbetween.

If you’re looking for waterproof motorcycle gloves, stop looking. Overgloves are the only way to go. “Waterproof” regular riding gloves are a nightmare in the morning as you slip your paws into cold, clammy, water-laden gloves. Keep your regular riding gloves dry and supple.

Three years, about US$47 at the time (now a whopping US$57 — still a great deal!), dry hands.

I am in no way affiliated with the Rain-Off company. That said, buy these now if you ride in the rain.


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