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MSF Rider Coach Training: Two thirds done

I’ve gotten through two long weekends of RC training; only three more days to go.

The range is proving to be an insecurity for me. Because our fellow coaches have been the “students”, it’s been really difficult to try to figure out what coaching really is on the range. In other words, I had no idea what mistakes the rider-students would be making. I mean, really, I’m just happy to get the cones in the right place.

So to ease my racing mind, I went to a real range class on Tuesday evening. And boy, am I glad I did! I rode up on the Buddy and parked next to one of the instructor’s Goldwings. I dismounted, took off my gloves, helmet, riding pants and jacket, and walked into the bike shed.

“Hi!” I called out cheerfully. I introduced myself and the RC said that he’d be happy to have me on the range throwing cones, riding demos. The other RC pulled up, a woman, and she also said she’d be happy to help me out.

The students started arriving, including a guy from Guatemala riding a BMW 1200GS. Huh? He has a license in his home country and stupid f-upped Rhode Island does not recognize it. There was a woman who got a scooter for Christmas. Everyone was mature and serious.

Oh, and the three guys that got there early all told me it was because they wanted to “claim” the TW200s. I can’t tell if it’s because everyone falls in love with the little Yamahas or they’re the least beat-up of the training bikes.

The first exercise of Range 2 is the dreaded box. And man, is it fun to watch students and not my co-instructors-in-training. Students were all over the place, and it was fantastic when they got it, many on the second or third time through.

I got to ride the demo for the exercise that I’ll be the C1 on. Naturally I rode the TW 200. It really drove home exactly what I should be saying when I’m leading the exercise.

I stayed through exercise 14, at which time it was getting cold and I begged off. The students even waved as I rode away on Franz.

It was so much more relaxed than I expected. I’m feeling really good about next weekend when we do the student teaching of the range, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. Ugh!

On the way back home, I was riding a section very close to home that is infected with 4-way stops. It was dark, I was cold and tired, not really paying attention. A car sailed through one of the stops. Because I was slowing up to the stop, he had plenty of room and I was no where near his path of travel. I hope the students in the course practice their basic skills before heading into traffic because people are nuts.


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  1. MrMoto said, on 2012/04/16 at 12:37 pm

    Saw you at Charles and Min. Spring heading home from MSF teaching/training. Hope it went well!

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