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Gaaaah! I got a 98!

Posted in MSF RiderCoach by sbahn on 2012/03/31

Ok, so I’m a competitive bitch. And I like to win. I like to be the best.

Today at MSF Rider Coach Training Prep, we took the written test (second of the 4 assessments). I wanted a 100 because I got one point off the riding test (I know, can you believe it?). I messed up the riding test by not rolling on the throttle enough through the 135 degree turn. I did it in 2.99 seconds when a perfect score is in 2.91 or less.

My group had already decided that we’d take the written test today (Saturday). I didn’t re-read stuff last night as I was busying preparing other exercises (as assigned) for today and just chillin’ when I got home. The days are looooooong on the riding days. Standing, walking, riding, screwing up. I was tired last night.

After we finished up our classroom practice, it was time for the written test. 50 questions, multiple choice. Easy.

We left the room, one by one, as we finished, gathering in the hallway to discuss, hang out and wait for results.

Our trainer knocks on the window to summon us back in.

The good news: everyone passed. The bad news: question 44. Seriously? I got one question wrong. I was pissed.

Our trainer opened up the floor to discuss any question, and we went through some that folks had questions on. We finally got to question 44. Eight of the 9 students got it wrong, including me. I joked that it was a total fluke that one student got it right. It was poorly written and obviously confusing if 90% of us got it wrong.

Now of course I was just messing with our trainer, but I wanted to make a point that a poorly written question (ie. a question that students don’t understand well enough to get the right answer) is just as demoralizing as saying something inappropriate to a new rider on the range.

And yeah, I really wanted a perfect score. I have my mom to thank for my competitiveness. I’d rather try and fail than not try at all. So it’s not all bad.

One more practice day and then next Saturday starts student teaching. I have some fun ideas for the classroom; it’s the range that freaks me out.

And yeah, yesterday (Friday), was not a good day for me. I actually wound up crying I was so frustrated in front of my fellow RiderCoach trainees. Gaaaah.

This whole experience is a helluva lot more than I expected, and I expected a lot. I’m rambling because I’m tired. This is hard.

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  1. circleblue said, on 2012/03/31 at 8:30 pm

    It is interesting to me how many of the bloggers I read regularly go on to become instructors. I can’t say I’m surprised. It seems the blogger folk I’ve gravitated to want to be very good riders. You are not the first person comment on how it can be overwhelming at times. I will say, many are more concerned about the classroom than the Range. Again, I’m not surprised it is reversed for you, still it is interesting.

    I think your point regarding the poorly worded question is spot on.

    Hang in there. Not all, but most of the really good things are difficult.
    Circle Blue

  2. sbahn said, on 2012/04/02 at 7:06 pm

    Hey Keith, thanks for continuing to read. I have a couple of fun things worked out for the classroom for my student teaching (I’m the first section; I suspect this is on purpose so I can set the tone for the class as I’m the only one who is student teaching who is also an experienced instructor). I’m going to the range tomorrow night to shadow a few of the exercises. I’m hoping the coaches will let me on the range to help on a couple of the exercises.

    Two more weeks and I’ll know what’s what.

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