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Honda Ruckus on the East Side

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2012/03/08

Yesterday I was riding over to the orthodontist office on the East Side (no Cranston dental professionals for me!) when I found myself stopped behind several cars at the red light on Waterman and North Main. There was a lot of traffic on North Main, blocking the box. As I sat there, waiting for the light to turn green, I see a hi-viz jacket out of the corner of my eye, coming from the right.

He took a right turn up Waterman, and I had a good view of the bike as he turned; that’s right, an orange Big Ruckus.

“Aww man, I have GOT to catch up to this guy,” I thought to myself.

Green. Light turns. Cars are still blocking the box so I maneuver the scoot up and around the cars in front of me and cut through the gridlocked, northbound traffic. I have got to catch the Big Ruckus.

The light at the top of the hill, at Waterman and Benefit, turns red in front of me. I hate stopping on this hill as it’s very steep and I struggle to keep from rolling backwards (even with a front disc brake). Light turns quickly to green, and I crack the throttle.

In keeping with my red light luck, the next light turns red before my eyes, at the top of the hill near the Economics department at Brown. I always remember that because the building is called Robinson Hall and is stunningly beautiful.

But now I’m up above the crest of a hill and I can see hi-viz in front of me.

Green! and off I go. I control my speed as this area is crawling with comatose Brown students, noses buried in iPhones, randomly stepping off the curb into the flow of traffic.

Big Ruckus guy is stopped behind a car, dead center of the car. He sees me in his rear view mirror, and, as the traffic crawls ahead, he moves into the left part of the lane.

I pull up next to him, push up my face shield, and yell over, “Aww man, just love that Big Ruckus!” Then I notice he’s wearing the same Olympia hi-viz AST jacket. Fellow scooter dorks! He also had a Twisted Throttle orange triangle sticker on the back of his helmet.

So if you ride an orange Big Ruckus with Massachusetts plates and wear hi-viz, “hello!”. I have no idea who you are, but I suspect we probably know people in common. This is, after all, 1-degree of separation little Rhody.


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