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The Perfect Light

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2012/02/22

Riding home tonight I came up to the 5-way light at Eagle Square. There was a line of cars in the “going straight” lane, but none in my “left turn only” lane. The light turned green for the “go straight” crew which means that I would now have to sit through a full cycle of lights. This is a 5-way so it takes a few minutes to cycle through.

I slow as I pull up to the stop line and then, as if the Fairy of the Traffic Lights reached out her magic wand, the red arrow melted into green. I actually did a double-take. As there was no traffic on the opposite side (headed toward me), the light sensed me and gave me the right-of-way.

So friends of Providence, there is at least one light in the city that responds to traffic flow.

On a completely different note, I checked the air pressure in the scoot on Friday evening after I installed my new Yamaha C3 mirrors (the boy looks hawt!). The front pressure was a bit low so I filled it up; rear was good.

Genuine Buddy scooter with Yamaha C3 mirrors

Genuine Buddy scooter with Yamaha C3 mirrors

Fast forward to Tuesday. I pull the scoot out of the garage and it feels really heavy, like it doesn’t want to roll. I checked both tires, played with the brakes, everything seemed ok.

Little Ronnie was home from school (with big brother Jasson watching out for him) and he threw open the window to watch me gear up and get ready to ride to work. He distracted me a bit so I didn’t really think much of this.

About a mile from home and I notice that the rear tire is almost flat.”Dahyum!” I carefully ride the scoot on my commute route and roll it into one of the gas stations along the way.

$1.50 for air! Are you kidding me? All I had was three quarters so that wasn’t going to work. I continued on my route and rolled into another gas station. Seventy-five cents; that’ll work. I push the three quarters into the machine and it clicks on with a giant groan.

I pump up the rear tire, having no idea how much air I’m putting in as there’s no gauge on the machine and I don’t have a gauge with me. Grrrrnnnhhhhh sssssppppppissssssssss. Done.

I ride the last little bit onto campus and hope it’ll hold for the ride home.

It seemed fine, and again sorta ok this morning. When I got home tonight I stopped at the house and waited for the boyfriend to come out. “Take it for a ride. Something is off.” “But I have no idea what it’s supposed to feel like.”

Needless to say, the tire pressure was below 10! Yikes! The boyfriend messed with the stem, a Schrader valve, by flipping the cap and tightening it. Lemme tell ya, I had no freakin’ clue that the valve had a name, no less that it was this über-complicated thing.

Let’s see how the commute goes tomorrow.

And all this fine, fine weather (highs in the mid-50s!), I really have an itch to take Elsa the DRZ400SM. But I’m waiting on a set of taps to re-attach the Lynx fairing. It’s all loosey-goosey right now. Waaaah! I feel the need to shift!

Genuine Buddy scooter with Yamaha C3 mirrors

Genuine Buddy scooter with Yamaha C3 mirrors


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