Scoot Commute

Providence Poodle Posse or why the dogs are out to get me

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2012/02/02

It seems that Casby’s giant French poodle/labradoodle dog-thing is in cahoots with other poodles around Providence.

I got home considerably later than usual on Tuesday, after a long day at work and a quick visit to REI (where I met up with the boyfriend, he driving the Honda Fit). The Fit was in front as we turned onto our dark street. The boyfriend slowed to take the speed bump, and as he did this, I saw Casby’s dog, used to being “walked” by chasing Casby’s mini-van up and down the street, lunge onto the street.

I grabbed both brakes and I swear, swear! I say, that I pulled a mini-stoppie on the Buddy scooter (I know, but let’s suspend reality a bit). The dog, he’s a big guy, ran just in front of my front fender. I looked up, saw that the Honda Fit was over the bump, and cranked the throttle. The dog spun around halfway, now parallel to me, and extended his long legs to run alongside the Buddy.

I let up on the throttle, now one dog length behind, when the dog slowed and began to turn, to check where I was. Blip, throttle open, over the speed bump and away, away, away.

He’s a stupid, lazy dog because he just gave up. I was able to come to a full stop at the stop sign at the end of the short block, no sign of the menace.

So, what does this episode have to do with other dogs in Providence?

Well, the next morning I was riding to work, usual route. Riding along Dexter Street, there are a couple of parking lots for the refurb’d factories-now-hipster-lofts and a beautiful, historic Catholic Church; basically no where a regular-sized poodle would usually be.

But there he was, dashing into the street as I was speeding along, green light ahead, in the right gutter to avoid the terrible pavement that was thrown, unlovingly, over old tram tracks. “Shit!  Casby’s dog has a posse!” Again, a handful of brake to shuff off some speed, lean to the right, pull the bars to the left, and I just squiggled by the little rat.

I have never seen a poodle on this street and I hope I don’t see it again. Little agile bastahd.


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