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Um, not the smartest to ride today

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2012/01/20

I have no pics but you’ll just have to believe me. Completely stupid to ride today but the boyfriend took my car before I was even awake.

Three inches of snow in the driveway. Paddle walked the scooter to the snow and slush covered street. It took a while to get to campus this morning because everyone was taking it slowly, thankfully. Oh and yeah, the white pick-up on Pleasant Valley stalled in the middle of street didn’t help.

Roads were wet and slushy but easy to navigate. That was until I got within a couple blocks of school. I have to take residential streets the last few blocks; I took the most heavily travelled and it was still really slippery. The woman in the car behind me was awesome. She kept way back as I was riding really slowly, and when I came up to a section of the street that was covered in packed snow and had to put my feet out, she basically just stopped and let me maneuver up to the stop light.

I pulled both brake levers, slow and steady, and the rear wheel started to slide out to right. I’m standing up with both feet on the ground, leaning the bike against my thighs to keep it from sliding so far sideways it will fall. I got the scoot stopped, and, feet slipping and sliding, wrangled it back into a sorta straight line to get through the light.

I turned around and gave the woman car driver a thumbs up. It’s a good thing she wasn’t drinking anything because she burst out laughing and waved.

One more block and I pulled onto campus, walking the bike through the snow into my spot.

Crazy day at work, but I managed to wrap up the last teaching session on time so I was walking out of my office at 4:40 pm. I wanted to get on the scooter and get home as the sun was moments from setting, the wind was bitter, and all the muck on the streets was refreezing.

I took the same route home, not my regular commute but the one I take when I need a lot of traffic to warm up the streets, and it was ok for the most part. The streets were wet with a frozen sheen. I realized I wasn’t paying the attention to idiots pulling in from side streets that I normally do, but all the drivers seemed pretty cool. Any car behind gave me lots of room, presumably to not run over me when I slid off the bike.

Two separate vehicles pulled in front of me, one a box truck and one a mini-van. Both got a honk. Really, you think I can slow or stop quickly? No. Do you think a car can slow or stop quickly in this mess? No. So be nice!

Finally pulled into the frozen snow of the driveway. As I opened the garage door I noticed another tire track. “Wha? He took the Transalp to Trinity this afternoon?” Apparently the boyfriend took the Honda Transalp downtown this afternoon and wasn’t home yet, even though it was now dark and the streets had frozen over.

I think it was a ploy because the steps weren’t shoveled, but I couldn’t even get mad because I was worried if he’d make it home. As I was shoveling the steps, I see the three points of lights take the corner of the street so I could relax. But I was still mad I had to shovel when he had a half day.

I should have come back home to grab the camera this morning. It was a ridiculous ride in both directions!


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  1. Itsuke said, on 2012/01/25 at 11:40 am

    At least you make it safely to work and back.

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