Scoot Commute

Aaaargh, Gerbings! You always seem to crap out on me when it’s in the single digits

I don’t know what is the issue with my left hand Gerbing heated glove. I have the Hybrid Heated Gloves that work with a rechargeable battery pack (scooter) and plug in directly the battery (DRZ). These gloves cost $300 (gloves plus the batteries) which is an insane amount of  money for gloves, insane, but when they do work, they allow me to ride every day in the winter, every day, even when it’s zero degrees Fahrenheit.

The first winter I had them, the left glove just stopped working on a very long, very cold night ride back into Providence after a day of fun in the woods. When I stopped for gas and pulled the glove off, I thought my hand might crack into a thousand pieces, it was so raw and blue looking.

I sent the gloves back to Gerbing once it warmed up some and they said they couldn’t find anything wrong with it. They did include a new battery pack.

Last April I rode down to my mom’s house in Jersey, and I wound up with horrible blisters all over the my left hand  knuckles from some weird pressure point. I actually had to stop and get some Band-Aids to cover my hand, this after working the wiring to try to move it around. It was agonizing, but not enough to turn them off, haha!

Well tonight, I’m not happy. At least I was only on my commute which is haltingly short. It took some work to get the scoot going after work as it was so cold today (kick kick kick, press, arrnhhh, start up, die, kick kick kick, press, arrnhhh, start up, die) and I had to stop at the Aldi as I’m out of English muffins. As I’m riding the mere one mile to the Aldi, I’m thinking, “wow, my left hand is really cold.” When I pull into a parking spot, I look down and see the light on the battery pack is not on. “Wha? Aw man, not again.”

I go into the Aldi and do my shopping, having a nice conversation with the checkout person who told me, “Yeah, Christmas. 10 weeks of preparation for 10 minutes of chaos.” She’s a really sweet girl who knows I’m riding so she explains to the others why I look like a robot.

After stowing everything carefully in the milkcrate, under the seat and on the floorboards (two new cats = lots more litter!), and after returning the cart to the corral so I can retrieve the quarter, I press the button on the left battery. It blinks: red – red – red – red and then goes black.

So Gerbings, really? Again? There is obviously something wrong with this left glove. It’s forecasted to be 8°F tomorrow morning. Waaaah.

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