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Santa’s Presents: New Cats!

Posted in Cats by sbahn on 2012/01/01

Thank you, Santa, thank you!

As some of you may know, both me and the b/f have lost three cats in the last two years.

  • Legs Akimbo, aged 20, passed in my lap, my beloved New Yorker (ASPCA) to the end, clad always in black
  • Josiah OMalley, aged unknown (from the street, stricken with cancer, beloved to the end, sadly, sadly missed)
  • Skoda 1200, aged around 16, skinny as all get out, loved to the end

Santa brought two new cats to join Bandwidth (Little Shelter, Long Island, New York) and Friar Domino (from the street). They are Dutch and “the little girl” (until we figure out a name). They were at Providence Animal Control where I learned they had lived together until their owner passed. They were obviously beloved by their previous owner as they are just delightful as pets. They’ve been here since Wednesday evening, December 28.

[In typical fashion, we went to Animal Control on the Friday before Christmas, December 23, to have a look around. The door was open but the lights were off and no one was at the “greet” desk. We helped ourselves into the cat room after signing in as visitors, where I fell in love with “Garfield”. There was a calico who was a “judger”, just like Bandwith. Little did I realize that “Garfield” and “Lily” were friends. Well, we went back on December 28 and told the front desk person that we wanted the two cats. She asked how we knew about them and said we were here on 12/23. Whelp, apparently, the pound was not open on 12/23. So, in a nutshell, I should have just taken them when I saw them and not worried about them all Christmas, alone, in the nasty shelter. Next time, lock the door.]

They’ve been feeling their way into our family, and both Bandwidth and Domino have been more than accommodating. I’m actually shocked at how well Bandwidth is coping; it’s Domino I’m a bit concerned about.

On the evening of December 30, the new boy (Dutch) licked the new girl, who are probably brother and sister, assuring her that she is safe. I will say the girl just loves to sit on laps. The boy, Dutch, well, he loves the shower. I think he will help me through my grief over OMalley. I’m still so sad at his passing as we only had him a few short years until cancer took him away. What a personality! But Dutch, he’s proving to be a real presence.

Dutch, my beautiful boy, sitting on the Dromminge

Dutch, my beautiful boy, sitting on the Dromminge

The new girl on OMalley's pink puff and Friar Domino, getting along like old friends

The new girl on OMalley's pink puff and Friar Domino, getting along like old friends


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  1. Itsuke said, on 2012/01/03 at 5:42 pm

    Sorry to hear the passing of your beloved cats, but glad to hear you have taken in new ones.

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