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Casby’s Poodle, yet again

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2011/11/14

Ok, I really need a helmet cam to capture this stupid dog’s attempt at trying to bite my leg off.

Tonight’s ride home started out rather nice. As I was walking to the scoot’s parking spot, Jim, the enduro rider at work, was passing by in his son’s lowered (ahem, ghetto) pick-up. That truck is hawt. We’re shooting the shit as cars and students are walking around us, creating a bit of a scene.

He’s telling me about a race he was in this weekend. I said, “Oh, so did you win the old man class?” He laughed and said he came in 4th in the the over-4o. “And that’s good?” I asked. “Hell yeah, I’m 57.” You would never, in a gazillion years, think that Jim was 57. This guy’s fitness level is amazing. He races mountain bikes downhill in the summer in New Hampshire to keep up fitness. I gotta get on the stick and stop being so sedentary. Jim’s always been a hero; now he’s a super-hero.

I rode off campus toward home and everything was fine. At the turn on the steep downhill on River, a woman decided whatever she needed to scoop out of her purse was more important than taking a right-turn-on-red against a green turn arrow for the oncoming traffic (in other words, a perfectly good time to make a right-on-red). I knew there was a cop a few cars behind me so I didn’t slip along the right side to take the turn; I waited, exasperated, and flopped my arms around a bit. That made me feel better.

At the five points light at Eagle Square, there was a very loooong line of traffic in the right lane and absolutely no traffic in the left lane (which is left-turn only). “Wow!” I thought to myself, “People are actually obeying the traffic laws.” That is, until I pulled up behind the one car in the left-turn only, a sporty red Audi with dealer plates.

“Uh huh,” I thought to myself. He’s going to plow straight on the left arrow. I hope he’s quick off the line so he doesn’t plow into the cars making a left in the opposite direction. And that’s exactly what he did. I am the reader of minds.

Next light. Sadly, there are no cars behind me or across the street. I cannot trip this light (I have to call it in to Traffic Engineering…it’s new from the recent repaving of Broadway). I sit and sit. I cannot believe there are no cars coming. A pedestrian is waiting to cross the street (um that button there, on the big pole, that will trip the light, yet he doesn’t ever press it) and a guy on a bicycle is waiting directly opposite me.

And we wait.

A guy on a bicycle pulls a real jerk move, freaking out a car driver who does a little ‘honk honk’ and the bicyclist starts cursing and screaming like a banshee. Then another car honks. I’m getting ready to run the light because this is nasty. I hate the bicycles. They pull all sorts of shit and then get mad at the drivers. Don’t pull that crap. Be cool and we can all get along. Oh, and why not wear some more black so we can be certain to not see you.

Finally a car pulls up and the light turns. I swear I was there at least 4 minutes.

Next major turn, a left. Westminster is backed up and there’s a red light ahead. Do you think the guy would let me out? Nope. I snuck between him and a school bus (ta! school bus driver).

At this point I’m past the majority of crap so I’m thinking, “Home free!”

Oh but wait, there’s the turn onto my street. An SUV is up ahead of me, stopped dead in the street, attempting to make the left, even though there’s a turning lane into which he should have moved. Genius. (And yes, he lives at the pink house, exactly as I suspected.)

We both turn and I hang back a bit because I’ve already surmised he’s an idiot.

“Bark bark bark bark bark bark!” It’s Casby’s dog. He never comes at me at night. What the?

I sped up. He followed. There’s a huge speed bump ahead so I slowed almost to a stop. Dog gets in front of me. I sped up and took the bump standing. The dog is still chasing. I’m not sure if he thinks the poor-turner SUV is his daddy’s van or he wants to have some fun chasing me. The SUV is practically stopped watching the antics.

Finally I speed way up and get into the next block. End of the chase. I so want to kick that stupid poodle, a big kick to the head with my riding boots. But I wouldn’t ever do it. I like animals too much.

Parked the scoot, crossed the street, and there was Tiberius sitting in the walkway, waiting. When you feed the neighbor’s cat, he hangs out at your house.


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  1. circleblue said, on 2011/11/14 at 8:42 pm

    Your commutes are so much more interesting than mine. Occasionally, I have an idiot pass me on the right, but that’s about it.

    I am amazed at what bicyclist pull. They are pretty lawless aren’t they. For most here a red light is a yield. Oh well. I must say I’m glad I don’t have Casby’s poodle on my route. Rather than the hound of hell you are being pursued by the poodle of Providence.

  2. Itsuke said, on 2011/11/27 at 2:43 pm

    I once saw a bicyclist almost got hit by a car, and guess whose fault it was? Somehow the guy on the bike thought the need to stop at a red light (in a busy intersection) did not apply to him.

  3. […] as Casby’s poodle hurdles across traffic-infested Elmwood […]

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