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Casby’s dog

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2011/11/07

What’s a fun way to start the week? How about having a gigantic, stupid French-poodle-and-something-else-dog come running out into the street at full speed to chase you while you’re just getting started scooting to work. I can one-up that scenario.

Add a random dude on a bicycle just sorta riding around in the street who FREAKED OUT and started yelling at me in Spanish (which I still don’t understand–one of these days I have to move beyond queso and sin bolsa), I’m sure out of concern for my safety. But I’ve got good dog-avoidance techniques.

I sloooooooowed way down when I first saw the dog dash up from around the back corner of the house. As the dog ran into the street, I rolled on the throttle and took off. The guy on the bicycle, which I had already said ‘hello’ to as I walked across the street to get to my scooter about 2 minutes earlier, was screaming. I hope the dog didn’t knock him down; I didn’t look back.

I hate that stupid dog. Casby, really? Stop walking him by having him follow you in your mini-van.


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  1. Rolando Peñate said, on 2011/11/07 at 9:40 pm

    Wait, this guy actually exercises his dog from his car? There must be pictures!

  2. sbahn said, on 2011/11/10 at 8:32 pm

    No vids, no pics. But I’ve approached Casby with a WTF with the “walking” the dog by having him chase the minivan up and down the block and he doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with it.

    That stupid dog has been in the middle of Elmwood Ave more times than I can count and still makes it home in one piece. I don’t know…he’s a laywer?!

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