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2011 Rugby World Cup has begun!

Posted in Rugby, Utter nonsense by sbahn on 2011/09/10

There will be a total black-out on any and all discussions RWC as I’m on a time-delay. NBC Universal has kindly bought the US rights and then decided to show three, THREE, three lousy matches, and two of those really will be lousy because of the mis-match between sides.

I did get to see the opening ceremonies which I thought were fantastic! Not too corny and um, yeah, Jonah Lomu. Yum.

I have already caught the opening match between the All Blacks and Tonga. So that can be discussed.

I’m really excited with the pools. There’s going to be blood in some of these matches! Pool D is simply fantastic with Fiji, South Africa, Namibia, Wales and Samoa. Seriously. This is the game played in heaven.

As always, I’m supporting Ireland as my northern hemisphere team and the Wallabies as my southern hemisphere team. Someone at work said to me, “You can’t support two teams. That’s weird.” Well, sometimes I want to support a winner, and Ireland, they just break your heart. And my boyfriend just said to me, “Yeah, well, Australia also breaks your heart. I don’t want to hear you screaming at the TV when Italy pulls an upset.”

Six weeks of pure glory has begun!


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