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To the Lexus SUV on Allens Ave

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2011/08/02

I don’t know what your problem was or why you were driving like that, but you may want to take a long, deep look in the mirror and discover who you really are.

After a nice ride in to work this morning where I saw my head-to-toe black-clad Yamaha-commuter friend and a bald dude driving a hack, I decided to take a nice ride after work as the temps had dipped a bit (only in the mid-80s with bearable humidity). I headed down into Roger Williams Park and took a leisurely scoot along the water, up to say hello to the police horses, and along the rows of beautiful, vintage houses on the Cranston end of the park.

Spit out onto Park Avenue, I headed over toward the Edgewood neighborhood in Cranston and into Pawtuxet Village along Narraganasett Parkway. The air is cooler as the road hugs the bay and the traffic is relatively slow. Upon coming to the end of the parkway, I turned around to head toward home. I detoured through the Governor Francis neighborhood and wound up terribly lost, which is nothing new for me. I eventually wound up on Warwick Avenue and made the right decision and wound up back on the parkway.

As I drank up the gorgeous homes, I decided to not turn onto Norwood and take Broad Street home because Broad Street is a pain, especially when it’s warm. Just too many people hanging around, doing nothing or sauntering aimlessly across the street, antagonizing drivers. I stayed straight on Narragansett which becomes Allens Avenue.

Big mistake.

Allens is two lanes in each direction and the only part of Providence with a posted speed limit of 35 mph (the rest of the city is 25 mph). I’m more than aware that people drive really fast on it as it’s lined with industrial business and strip clubs. No worries that children may run out or random pedestrians will cross the street. It also have remnants of train tracks, both running parallel to traffic in one lane with 45 degree angled tracks every two blocks or so.

I picked the left lane, the one with the worse track layout, because I needed to make a left to head up the hill and back into my neighborhood. The right lane also leads to the entrance ramp for I-95 so the cars slow to take the turn. I was making the best lane choice for my ride.

I’m putting along in the left lane, going the posted 35, probably a little above. A Mini Clubman is next to me in the right lane, and we’re going about the same speed. The Mini pulls out a little in front of me after the cars take the entrance ramp.

A black Lexus SUV roars up behind me and starts tailgating. I’m not about to go any faster as the road surface is very bumpy and I’m riding between the train track rails. The Lexus pulls over to the right to pass and for some reason, the Mini decides to put on the brakes and slow to the same speed as I’m travelling, thereby infuriating the Lexus driver.

I have no idea why the Mini driver did this unless he wanted to play a game with the guy. I was just keeping an eye on my mirrors and the train tracks as I was having to shimmy over the 45 degree angle ones within the boundaries of the parallel tracks.

The Lexus driver, clearly frustrated, starts honking as he’s riding on the Mini’s bumper. He pulls the wheel and is now behind me, honking like a madman. There was no where for me to go as the Mini was next to me and my left turn is about 4 blocks ahead. I did not speed up as the scoot was already bouncing around.

I push my left turn signal and put out my left arm in an effort to get the Lexus to slow down some as I prepare to take my turn. Thankfully the light turns red so we all have to stop. I didn’t even turn around and WTF the Lexus driver because I decided he was just that crazy. I kept an eye on him and waited, breathlessly, for the light to turn.

Green, and I edged up a little bit into the intersection. The Mini takes off in the right lane, and the Lexus barely pulls around me to continue on in the left lane. I make my left and head up the hill by the Big Blue Bug. At this point I’m shaking and pissed off. Who does that to another driver? And not to get all sexist, but it’s obvious I’m a girl as I was wearing a skirt over my riding pants and I have pink and black checkerboard stickers on my helmet.

So my dear Lexus SUV driver, what does that reflection say to you?


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  1. circleblue said, on 2011/08/02 at 9:36 pm

    I think it was wise of you to not turn around and WTF the Lexus driver. Not worth the risk of finding out if he was crazy or not. It can be scary out there. Sometimes all you can do is keep your wits about you and ride your ride. Good job. Glad the ending found you safe at home.

  2. sbahn said, on 2011/08/02 at 10:09 pm

    Haha, years of living in New York taught me when to take someone on and when someone was just that one notch beyond. Thanks for reading!

  3. SonjaM said, on 2011/08/02 at 10:12 pm

    What a jerk, probably compensating for inferiority. I am glad that you got out of it unharmed.

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