Scoot Commute

What is that weird thing?

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2011/07/13

As I was walking from my building to teach a class in another building, I see the weirdest looking scoot I’ve seen in a long time. “What is with that windshield?” I thought to myself.

I walked over to have a quick look, as apparently I was running late to the class that I thought started at 1:30 as the students were waiting for a 1:00 pm start. Ahhh, a Vectrix. It had over 8,000 on it; I thought that was pretty good and I wondered if it was a retired Providence Police scoot.

Now I’m trying to figure out who owns it. There is a lot of construction happening on campus but it seems an unlikely ride for one of the construction guys. Hopefully it’s around tomorrow and I’ll do some asking around when I’m not late to class!

On the way home I passed a girl on a motorbike on Dexter Ave, well, maybe not exactly a girl, she was more like a chick. The kind of woman that could eat me for breakfast. I’ve seen her before so I don’t know if she lives in da ‘hood or is commuting. She’s very casual, no helmet, t-shirt, jeans and a UJM. I feel a bit of the dork on the scoot when going by.


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