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Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2011/07/10

Sooooooooo, I’m back at work after 2 1/2 weeks gallivanting on the DRZ up north. Four days in and I find myself sitting a meeting with the Provost, the Associate VP for Academic Affairs and the Assistant VP for Academic Affairs to discuss an external review report of my department.

The Background
I’m the only person who does my job on campus. I am a department of one. I like this situation as I have a lot of flexibility in decisions made and my immediate supervisor is a very super-awesome guy. He leaves me be and trusts my recommendations and decisions (even when they may not be the best decision, he trusts my methods).

It was discussed at this meeting that while it would be ideal to expand my department by hiring additional staff, the current economic climate is not amendable to this. But they do understand that there needs to be a plan in place in the event that I am not longer at the College. I replied that I wasn’t going anywhere any time soon (this is the best campus I’ve worked on, by far, and I’ve been on a lot of campuses!), but then my immediate boss looked at me and said, “You do ride a scooter.”

I was shocked. I argued that I had just gotten back from 3,000 miles with no issues. My boss smiled and said, “It’s not you I’m concerned about. It’s all the other drivers.” Not bad for a non-rider.


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  1. circleblue said, on 2011/07/11 at 11:06 pm

    Oh well. I get stuff like that from time to time. Recently another blogger had a post about Ride to Work Day. You can find it at It is his post for Wed. July 6, 2011. I’m interested in stimulating more folks to ride to work, but I’m even more interested in helping people see that while riding a scooter/motorcycle has risks, that many of us manage those risks in very conscious and responsible ways. After watching me day in and day out wearing my gear and arriving to work drama free, I don’t get it so much anymore.

    I glad you are back and looking forward to your posts.

    Thanks for the share

    • sbahn said, on 2011/07/12 at 5:34 pm

      I concur wholeheartedly with the notion that how I present myself lets non-riders understand how I am mitigating the risks. I never suggest what others should wear; I wear what I wear and happily answer questions.

      What surprised me was that my boss had actually thought about the possibility that I may not be able to do my job because of something that could happen from riding. That’s a pretty big leap.

      And I miss Ride to Work day now that it’s been moved to June.

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