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Broken Buddy

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Repairs by sbahn on 2011/05/02
Sheared off PGO oil drain bolt

Sheared off PGO oil drain bolt

In addition to it not being good when Security calls, it’s not good when the boyfriend walks up to you as you’re knee deep in mulch and weeds with the same sad, pitiful look that all our cats used to get brought inside and become part of the family and says meekly, “I’m sorry.”

“Um, wha? Dandelions! Why so many dandelions?! I gotta get Jason next door to deal with his dandelions because they float all over the neighborhood.”

“Yeah, um, I’m really sorry.”

“Sorry? For wha?”

“Um, I broke the oil drain bolt on the Buddy.”

“Wha? You’re changing the oil?” I’m standing up by now. “I was gonna change the oil. What happened?”

So he takes me over and shows me where the head came clear off the oil drain hole bolt. “Hmmm, that’s interesting. I don’t remember ever reading about something like this happening.”

The rest of the bolt thing was still stuck in the oil drain hole; just the top hexagon part had sheared off. Crazy.

I knew that Prima makes a magnetic replacement so we can at least get the part. I suggested he contact Rachel as he’s friends with her company, a girl and a guy Cycles. Woohoo to Rachel and Billy as she got back to the boyfriend and, indeed, had the Prima magnetic bolt drain kit in stock.

Prima oil drain bolt replacement for Franz, the Buddy 150

Prima oil drain bolt replacement for Franz, the Buddy 150

I called Billy today and he said he’d be at the shop. I rode over on the DRZ after my dental x-ray appointment (you should see what they can do now with digital x-rays!) and Billy said he thought I was Patrick from Javaspeed until he saw the pink barbed wire. Aha, but I could see Patrick doing something similar.

I picked up my drain bolt kit and a new oil screen for the  Buddy. When the boyfriend gets home tonight, he’ll finish off the job. It’s too cold for me to crawl around the ground tonight ;)

It’s interesting how crappy the original PGO bolt quality is. Yes, it was a fairly brutal winter but I’ve never heard of this happening before. I’m very thankful to Rachel and Billy for selling me the part as it’d be quite a few days until we could have gotten it from Scooterworks. Not that riding the DRZ to work is such a bad thing, but, damn, I’m spoiled by the Buddy. And I thought it was hilarious when Billy asked me if I’m the one who drove over my oil dipstick; that’s how Rachel remembers me. In my defence I did not drive over it; I dropped it onto the driveway when I was doing the first oil change. Sheesh. I hate being remembered for being an idiot; but if that’s what you’re going to use, at least get the stupidity details correct.

Sheared off PGO oil drain bolt from a Buddy 150

Sheared off PGO oil drain bolt from a Buddy 150


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  1. Tim said, on 2011/08/26 at 12:53 am

    Haha, i thought i’m not the only one in this world to have the same problem, i over tightened mine, of which the cap drain plug broke in half.

    now i have to order online and wait for a week or two for my spare part to arrive. At the end we assume PGO is quality brand, but just some cheap metal, they should have mention this in the ‘owner’s manual booklet’.

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