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It’s never good news when Security calls

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2011/04/14

It was lashing with rain when I left the house yesterday morning. It’s my absolutely favorite weather to ride in. As I was standing in the garage getting the scoot ready to head out, I got a weird feeling/bad words in my head. I heard, “Today’s the day.” Now I usually think words along the lines of “today’s not the day”, usually unconsciously, so it really jarred me and I quickly whispered “No.” It was so weird that I contemplated taking the car to work. I quickly stuffed my bag under the seat, pulled on my helmet and glove, got the scoot out of the garage, shut and locked the door, and pulled on my other glove to set off.

It was raining. Huge puddles…every where. And still cars without headlights. I arrived on campus with no issues. The gigantic puddle at the corner of Westminster and Tobey was a lot of fun. It was up over the curb.

I parked in my usual spot, more into the dirt than usual, as the car in the spot next to mine was parked very close to where I usually park. I want to give the driver plenty of room to open the driver’s side door so they won’t hit the scoot. I usually park on solid pavement.

About 20 minutes after my arrival in my office, the phone rings. I have one of those phones that shows me who’s calling on campus; it’s Security. “Hmm,” I wonder to myself. I answer the phone and it’s one of the students.

“Umm, this is X from Security. Umm, I wanted to call to let you know that, umm, your little motorcycle fell over.”

“What? Oh no!”

“Oh, the guard picked it up right away, but it fell over. The ground was too soft. And umm, the mirror broke.”

“Aww man, really? Is the car ok next to it? Is the bike ok?”

“Umm, hang on.” I can hear him talking to other people and he gets back on, “Yeah, the car is ok. The guard put it back on the kickstand.”

“Well, ok, that was really nice. I’ll run out as soon as I’m out of this meeting. Thank you!”

Now my meeting was actually breakfast with some students so I decided to be a little late to that and ran out into the rain. As soon as the guard saw me, he opened the door and came out.

“It just sorta fell over. I wanted you to know so that you didn’t think one of the kids did it.”

“Thank you for picking it up. I really appreciate you getting all wet and helping.”

“The mirror, it just snapped off.”

“Yeah, it’s a stupid design. They break on everybody’s bikes. Don’t worry about it. As long as everyone is ok…”

I walked over to the scoot and he had put the round part of the mirror on the seat. I could see where it sorta pried off the stem. “Hmm, I wonder if the boyfriend can fix this.”

You see, the right mirror on the Buddys are stupid, stupid, stupid reverse thread 8mm. Try finding a replacement that is not the stock $25 mirror. I mean come on, $25 for a crappy mirror that I have to fix every 6 months because it comes loose. I figure, if he can’t fix it, I’ll finally have the incentive to get the Double-Take mirrors to fit on the scoot.

Fast forward to last night. I hand the mirror to the boyfriend and say, coyly, “You can fix this, right?”

Within the hour, he had the round part back on the stem, neat as a top. He’s good to have around.


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  1. said, on 2011/04/15 at 9:33 am

    “He’s good to have around”

    Yeah, we are.


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