Scoot Commute

A visit to Aidan’s in Bristol with a BMW R1200GSA

Honda Transalp and the DRZ at Aidan's in Bristol, RI

Honda Transalp and the DRZ at Aidan's in Bristol, RI

The weather is finally cooperating here in little Rhody, and as such, we finished up the work on the apartment early and rode down on the Transalp and the DRZ400 to meet up with a buddy at Aidan’s. I figured we’d be there between lunch and dinner so the place wouldn’t be going off. I don’t know why I think this every time I go down there on a late Saturday afternoon.

The place was absolutely swamped, even with the dining room upstairs having added tons of tables. We chose to sit outside because the sun was out and the temperature was mild…or at least I thought it was mild but someone was a little bit cold. How’s that living in Hawaii working out fer ya, eh?

Arriving at Aidan's

Arriving at Aidan's

It was a bit windy, though, and as the boyfriend brought the wrong jacket (“I thought I grabbed the Fjällräven” but he actually grabbed one of my cheapie Target fleeces) so he was cold and Mr. Hawaii was cold so we asked if we could move inside when a table was available. As luck would have it, one became available as the food arrived.

I always get the same thing at Aidan’s: toasted Limerick Special sandwich with no onions. Actually, I’m not even sure if that’s what it’s called…it just a “toasted special” in Ireland. The boyfriend had his usual: the Leinster burger with bbq sauce on the side. And the other guy, who’s name I’m not putting here as I’m not sure if he’d mind or not, you know, all that publicity(!), got the fish & chips. I only had one of the fried potato things on my plate. I usually don’t eat French fries at all, but I do like them at Aidan’s as they’re just deep-fried sliced potatoes. But it was obvious the oil was too cold when they made this batch as they weren’t crisp. Man, nothing like a real chip. The boyfriend just referred to the chips as flaccid. And I was resisting using that word.

As we’re sitting at the table, a girly on a Honda Metropolitan pulls up and parks in front of my DRZ. She’s wearing a fashionable woolen trenchcoat and a newsboy cap. Now that’s the way to gear up to ride a scooter! I was too lazy to go out to grab a pic but it was interesting to see a row of Honda Met, DRZ400SM, Honda Transalp, cruiser thing, and BMW R 1200 GS Adventure. The three bears would have had a field day!

We had a great chat with one of the guys we met at the Big Bike Drop-a-Rama. It’s always a pleasure to spend time with someone who is obviously not an idiot. There are just too many idiots in the world.

After delightful conversation and delicious food, we headed out to the lot to look over the bikes and get ready to go home. The GSA is a really nice bike. It’s huge. I can’t imagine what it would be like to ride it around in Providence. I know I’d do something stupid. I liked that the guy we were hanging out with stores his gear before going into an establishment. I never have anywhere to really put stuff when I’m going a local lunch or dinner run, and wind up barging into a restaurant in my hi-viz splendor, likely drawing some eyes. Hmm, hard cases on the DRZ…

Look what I got Mom!

Look what I got Mom!

As we’re getting ready to leave, our companion snapped a pic. I don’t know why my skin is so ruddy. I blame riding in zero degree temperatures but maybe there’s actually something wrong with me. He told me I can take a spin on the Beemer; I said I’d love to when we’re somewhere not so crowded. I can hear the cash register ringing from just a small drop in a crowded parking lot.

What's that, a radiator?

What's that, a radiator?

The ride home was, surprisingly, uneventful. Only one idiot and that was on the ramp coming off I-195 into Providence. That’s right, speed up to go around us and then jam on your brakes to take the same left we’re taking without having to brake. Talk to me when gas is 5 dollars a gallon.

All in all, a jolly diversion. For someone who doesn’t like to deal with people outside of work, I’ve had an eventful weekend. First it was Mexican food at Chilangos with Molly on Friday night and then a late lunch with a bunch of moto-guys on Saturday. It’ll be an interesting week as I’ve not had a proper “I hate people” break this weekend.

Two completely unrelated notes
1) I got my Spot up and running with tracking, yippee! I’m riding down to my mom’s at the end of this week so now both my boyfriend and my mom can watch my every movement. Nothing like being loved.

2) We had to go to IKEA this afternoon to exchange some kitchen stuff for the apartment. As we’re driving up I-95 toward the 95/93 split, about 8 sport bikes come roaring up the slow lane. The gear consisted of FF helmets, hoodies and sneakers. I hear those Kevlar hoodies are spendy! One of the guys started weaving across the three lanes but thankfully the others didn’t follow. The last guy in the group rode a wheelie a particularly long way, about which I was impressed but also a bit freaked out. I kept thinking, “Oh please don’t let anything happen. I don’t want to see that.” Thankfully they got off at one of the exits. The boyfriend said, “I’m glad they’re getting off. You know we’d have to stop.” and all I could think about was that girl who was driving on 146 and had a single car accident. A car stopped and the couple comforted her as she died in their arms. Do I really need this on a drive to IKEA? Squids.


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